They say a picture is worth a thousand words
With words representing the feelings of this Earth
How a sword can take a life is not of worth
Considering a pen and a notepad can create a rebirth

The battles that have come and gone
Are no longer currently in action
The words written of God still continue on and on
Providing many with lives of fulfillment and satisfaction

The sword that Peter wielded has long been absent
With the preserved word keeping it relevant
The pen wields a power that can last generations
Creating more swords than one can imagine

A sword is meant to be detrimental for its audience
While a pen brings forth the potential of hope everlasting
The two contain a power to destroy
But the pen holds more elegance of truth in which it seeks to deploy

The tool of choice to enhance ones voice
Is a tool that even God relies on to spread his message
A sword can cut a pen, but a pen can create a movement
In which a sword could no longer pose a problem

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