Permaneca Unico

Already at the common age of men in my family
That took the huge leap into the realm of getting married
Soon to surpass that milestone with continued outside expectation
Sorry to be different, but it is my revelation

I see things differently and have a mind set
One that I can’t see being altered by any advice that I get
Some are meant to stand alone here to do their part
Not everyone needs a significant other to manage their heart

Women have told me many nice things
I appreciate all of what they said, but the facts bring
Something way more powerful than what their words can mean

Consistent hints here and there about becoming a husband and a father
It leaves my mind in consistent wonder
How those closest to me just don’t understand
I have always been different and never alone will I stand
Christ is always with me here guiding my hand

Even with them being of the same belief
The word has them captured in viewing only a few things
Not everyone is created to be with someone
So single I imagine I will remain until my time is done

Seeing others finding that special someone brings me joy
I like to know that there is still love to be found here, instead of just being destroyed
Never knowing the feelings of being loved wholeheartedly by a lady
Has its moments of discrepancies within my instincts, but in reality
Doesn’t effect me the least bit in such times of relationships being so shady

Many just can’t fathom what is going on within my head
What it is I feel and view upon this matter each time it is mentioned
It is ok, I am fine… I guess it just shows my uniqueness

The pleasures of the flesh don’t have me harnessed or enslaved
I have gone this long without, I can abstain until my body is in its grave
The remainder of my life has yet to be seen by me
But solo I shall remain unless God has an unexpected twist implemented in my story

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