Pinpoint Resistance

Some call me creative, some call me mysterious
As mentioned at other times I like to keep it serious
Guess work is at an all time high
Whether it is in politics, relationships, or what’s in the sky

Society ticking a clock that can’t be unwound
If you reap what you sow, then we’ll all soon be in the ground
Lack of compassion and the need not to show appropriate interaction
What’s less of an attraction is the life being led to reach satisfaction

Once just about drugs now you have human traffic
Heart attacks and cancers eating up a population, that’s not so static
Murder growing closer and closer to the norm of solving a dispute
Acceptance of every radical thought with millions of dollars, still no refutes

Where’s the backbone of the people that know what’s right from wrong
It seems as if they are too mesmerized by the tune of that new popular song
That’s brainwashing the masses at a consistent rate
Distracting from the reality that we are getting controlled blindly

Democracy is the new word that has lost its real meaning
You thought marriage has lost its swagger and enrichment
Well that isn’t the only definition fading quickly under this order that’s begun

Charismatic and patriotic, this land was once free
Where did it all go wrong recently
Lack of learning and experience to develop your own thoughts
Relying now on gatekeepers who dangle from the strings of the unseen
Soaking up this new age like it is meant to make some fantasy our reality

Forgive me for going against the grain and remaining the same
I know it’s hard to comprehend since you’re so far gone
But, I’ll always stand behind the one and only name

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