Lot’s of people wonderin
Are they next in line for the throne
The ability to conquer all the unknown
When they aren’t fully understandin
The forces at work behind the silicone

So much is fake today
Not just platic, but every array
Iconic worship still prevalent
Thinkin that labels can save them

You can’t live in a lie
You have to be aware of why Christ died
There was a purpose to his sacrifice
You can’t claim to be his, without knowing this
It takes time, effort, a real relationship

Heaven is real and so is Hell
Look at all of these signals
You can’t miss them given the material
Subliminal yet ever so intentional

Tryin to manipulate and wash that brain
People giving in so quick, it’s insane
When will change really take
Cause it is evident with all the heartbreak
Something needs to change, too many lives at stake

Support of these endeavors
Fuels the pockets of Lucifer
Fallen angel known by his musical prowess
Much like today with symbolistic mentions

The effort of media to be released has a gateway
Tell me who seems to be in control in this age
All you see is problems and violence
Hatred on all the news stations
The growth of wrongful nature, no form of resolution

Why is it that torment gets praise
That’s what gets the notoriety
Not much about grace these days
Because look who has the money in society

People acquiring success delivering the wrong message
When the right one does come it gets covered up
All these people clueless, even the President
Who cares about politics, the polls need to jump
Off a bridge, since our country seems to be a dead end
With the continuance of bad decisions

Economic loss similar to the rate of a Holocaust
But success continues to be defined negatively
Trying to breathe now-a-days is like inhaling exhaust
With the corruption and inception of terrible policies

Many unaware of their own beliefs
Unsure of the signs that they see
How can you ignore the facts
Simply explained many just can’t react
Since the fear has them trapped

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