The man you see before you now
Is going to change the world in some way
No one can deny my motivation to plow
Anything that tries to stop me in this day and age

I have overcome so much and been given more
There isn’t anything that will deter what is meant for me
There is something that God has in store
Just have yet to find what activity
Is the one he has made for me
To reach the glory that he promised before

I am not afraid to use my gifts for good
There is a lot of evil in this world trying to be a block
This is something that I have always understood
But this won’t hinder me from relying on my rock
Solid foundation that will instill power within me to change this nation
In some form or another I will inspire others to take the proper actions
To enhance our futures chance at being something better
Whether it is speaking, teaching, or written in a future letter

I have many hopes and dreams to see
Come to life that have been in my head
It is my desire to bring these
To the attention of millions before I am dead

Nobody’s words will ever hurt
My effort to make a difference in the lives of many
I welcome any and all forms of pressure
Because I can handle those little things that are petty

I know the time is coming
Just have yet to piece everything together
In what way will all of this be happening?
I don’t quite know just yet
But such a thing will occur through me, a person you may have met

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