Follow the leader and keep the demeanor
That keeps you satisfied
Because what would happen if you died
Would you experience bliss
Or just dismiss the possibility of happiness

Quotes and memories run through your mind
Time after time you can’t see the other side
Choices effect your daily life
Decisions call out who you are

What’s with this hesitation
A bloodshed nation
We live in a world that falls
And keeps our lifestyle within suppressed walls

Fixing our materials ahead of what’s within
Maxing out our potential to sin
Believing in ourselves more than Christ
Things keep drowning in this existence of nothing nice

War is consistent in which we live
Constantly fighting with the neighbor
That we are suppose to love as thyself
What more can come out of this hazy mental health

Flexing the scene of green
Ahead of the life of babies
Make things seem important that are not
Makes a person like me sick
A twist here or there could fix this fit

Possibly the mentality of brutality
Comes from something almost all experience
Experiencing the pleasure of the human anatomy
Seems to carry the utmost importance
To most people these days
There’s not quite a straight area of gray

Most people tend to lean to the extreme
Of thoughts and things
Why are there hidden emotions
That people keep which could help the world in which they sleep

Thoughts are getting deep as God continues to creep
In the back of your mind
Dark times, call for intense light
Something that he can give
If you just let him in to live
Within your heart of darkness

Satisfied with temptation
There is no explanation
Of how, who, or why
But people letting other people take advantage
Of there weaknesses just to become accepted

What can come of a world that holds nothing
Flow high above influence
Negativity continuing to rise
Yet nothing comes to me as a surprise
Anymore with all that’s left being closed doors

No one is open to anything other than pleasure
If they aren’t experiencing a pleasant sense treasure
They don’t want to hear
What is clear in the eyes of a believer

Faith is too much work for the lazy
It just boggles my mind, cause they are crazy
I’ve been told to go forth and be a stronghold
But the world won’t give me a go

Too much discriminatory actions
Leading to false applications of personality
Frankly I am disappointed in what has come up
Nothing much around us looking above

Why murder when you can give life
Why push away when you can magnetize
Why discourage and reduce self esteem
When you can aid in someone elses glory

So selfish the world has become
This is mine, that is mine
Complaining and competing all the time

How much more can earth take
Before it breaks, and God has to come
In order to save his creation
Not knowing when, but how it will come
Opens the eyes of my Heart Lord

I pray that he can reach amongst us
To make a difference
In the lives of those who are lost
Battle the demons who stray on this land
To rid them of the people who need a hand

With good there is evil
Most people try and ignore that
Much like reality
Spirituality has the same tendency
To be a struggle
But nothing is impossible

Sticks and stones may break my bones
As the old saying goes
But you can’t be afraid to accept truth
Even though others try preventing you to

Yeah everyone is stuck and life can suck
With effort it doesn’t bring luck
But blessings for everything
Praise his name and sing
There is only one way to accomplish your dreams

For the sake of the conscience within
There are those that need to listen
Hard to debate and relate to what can be
Don’t lose sight of the possibility
That you are to be a source of Christianity

There is a purpose for all
And all are beautiful in their own way
Too many these days
Fall in the trap of worrying about physicality
When it’s more about your mentality

Grasp the inside instead of the out
Work on the inner before the out
Clean up within and let yourself grow
The rest will take care of itself as you continue to glow

Pull your finger away from the trigger
Pull the knife from your wrist
Take those pills and let them be dismissed
Don’t let suicide be the primary integer
Of the life cycle that you don’t control
Don’t make others suffer that love you

Finding meaning is never easy
You just have to know that it indeed can be
Eternal life isn’t a myth or a legend
It can be achieved if you believe
Follow the light inside the back of your mind

Time will tell when the pressure will subside
But until then be glorified that you still are alive
Find what is good and let that continue to ride
Rather than be stopped in your tracks
Will the skills and things you feel you lack

For every weakness there is a strength
Find those around you to fill that gap
No one is perfect and isn’t meant to
Let go of all the non-confidence issues
Be happy with what you have
Let others support you as you do them
Because everyone needs help with their problems

Let go of the sorrow of yesterday
For there is always tomorrow
Don’t live in the past
When you have a future you need to make last

Possibly filled with hate
At the fate you have been dealt
Get that clean slate
And get into the bible for it has the correct trait
To get you to that place
That you wish to reach beyond this little life
Of what you experience in this land of strife

Not all things make sense
Not all things have an explanation
Some people will find inspiration
Others will find humor
But the above is a result of a little retaliation
Towards a world driven by rumor

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