Quem Sabe

Eyes roll back, shine like a dime reflecting the sunlight
God only knows the fluent swiftness at which the wind blows
Behold, the pen and the notepad that write bright
Enticing mandatory script explaining insight of what we should know

Flagrant expression of voice in a fresh euphoria
Fragrance of space and time passing with a pleasant aura
Shaking in breaking the trend of what is to commence
Stars aligned in your mind like an eclipse filled with suspense
Wrath unleashed throughout a land that is imperfect
Seeking to pass through the trial unharmed avoiding anything sporadic

Anticipation of a collaboration between the distant affiliations
Makes one wonder what happens when they collide with different aspirations
Sudden ripples of messages causing a halo effect outreaching unexpected individuals
Presenting opportunities left unspoken and tides that bring forth rivals

Blockades of unexplained cushions to prevent entrance into ones presence
Shielding an esteem that varies greatly within its elements
Wide open fields of flowers and dreams reaching for you
Grasping at the thought of fulfilling your preferential ideal you want to pursue

Stereotypical views crawl out of the woodwork invisible
Thought to have been ridden from the minds of the credible
Racism still amongst the nation that is a melting pot
When they try to seem politically correct with their marketing spots
A disguise on documents and in speech to perceive a good deed
Yet no changes have truly been made when there is time of need

Motivational speaking and inspirational talks trying to make an appearance
When can the garbage rot away to allow for clearance
For the refreshing state of impact for our senses to absorb
Rather than the destruction of esteem and ignorance involving color
Ethical actions take place in some ways, but need to be revived
Never shall we accept defeat when we want to strive to elevate life to the most high

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