As it falls constantly from the skies
My mind enters a time machine
Whispers of voices and thoughts fly
Acknowledging all that is obscene and pristine
Wandering through the flood that falls
Opening doors to unsuspected halls

The rain continues to fall upon the earth
Many people’s lives on hold, being contained
Sitting inside contemplating their worth
Questions arise that bring forth pains
Evidence of joy yet still remain
Many emotions toil in the stillness
Being inactive engulfed in watching the raindrops

All of the subtle innuendos
Negativity spreading like wildfire
Controversy begins to crescendo
Where is the love and desire

Water trickling through the grass
Elements of peace in the past
Continued hatred in the present
What is in store for the future generations
Will time be pleasant or will it rain torment

Tides arise, waves crash as the wind blows
Thunder and lightning symbolizing problems
Such items that continue to plague our nation
Worldwide epidemics creating everyday frustration
Does this storm have an ending or will it still grow

A quiet surrounding as the rain continues
The world constantly changing never again the same
With each downfall comes a rise creating something new
Pressure ensues with every action to blame
For the continual struggle of not knowing what to do

Will enough people face the rain
Taking it as a gifted opportunity for movement
To fight for what is right to get improvement
So the water can rot away the chains
That disorderly conduct continues to maintain

Waiting on the sunshine to feel a nice day
Is it worth waiting for the clear to see change
That is much needed in this day and age
Or shall we begin now without a weather delay

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