Remix the Helix

When I bleed sometimes I think back in history
To a time when there was blood shed for me
Ridiculed and belittled by his people
Christ paid the ultimate price of sacrifice to reach his goal
In order to save each and everyone’s soul

When he went upon that cross
He wanted to imply that he would die
For you to have eternal life
If you just believe in him you’ll make it through the tough times

There is the freedom of choice
You yourself have to make the decision
Which type of life you’ll lead and to which destination
You will head to when you release your voice

What is it that you believe in now
Being free or being enslaved
Having opportunity or being held down
Life in open fresh air or entrapped in a smoke filled cave
Having light to see or darkness that keeps you struggling

The emotion I see most commonly
Sought after is for one to be happy
So why do people only think it is within humanity
I myself would like it within my spiritual eternity
As well, so I can experience joy in both experiences

Dream big, Hope forever
Inspire others, Think beyond
Life is an enormous endeavor
How is it you will respond

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