Sacrifice (S7)

One fateful day in late December a mother was pregnant and due with twins. She was rushed to the hospital where everything was appearing to be normal. The future Father nervous as this would be the first time the married couple had children before. The process began as she went into labor in the ER. A few hours later the first child had come, which was the Daughter who they named Nevaeh. After her successful delivery something went tragically wrong as difficulties began to present themselves. Nevaeh had to sacrifice her mother to 6 more hours of excruciating circumstances and pain to try and deliver her baby brother. Special procedures needed to be done in order to finally have a successful delivery of the baby boy who was named Emmanuel. The only problem was because of these difficulties that were presented in his delivery he is now faced with the potential for disabilities as his brain had been damaged in the process. Uncertain of the extent to which this damage could end up causing to this young child, the doctors assured the Mother they would keep a close eye on his progression in the years to come. Alas, the family was now complete and all safe after the entire process had finally been completed. The odd thing was that after being tested both children had the rarest form of blood type, neither of which the parents had. The parents being a young Christian couple were over joyed that their children had arrived and were now safe. They knew how blessed they were even though Emmanuel may face difficult times ahead.

A few years later when the twins were close to 3 years old Nevaeh began to speak very well and could understand much of what you told her. Little Emmanuel however wasn’t as fortunate as he couldn’t really put together any sound whatsoever let alone a word. The parents grew suspicious as to what could be his circumstance. Nevaeh was also very mobile and capable of doing many things at such a young age, while Emmanuel could hardly even move across the floor to crawl. Emmanuel’s legs just didn’t have the ability to aid him in his movement. This being the case Nevaeh had to sacrifice much of the cuddle time with her mother because Emmanuel needed to be carefully looked after as he appeared to be fragile. The little boy kept bruising as a result of his movements, which led to further suffering for this poor little boy. Each of them were nourished very well, but Nevaeh kept progressing normally as Emmanuel kept showing signs of difficulty in development. The parents decided to take him to the Doctor’s on a regular basis to try and figure out if there could be anything done to help this little child along. Money began to spill away from the family toward the treatment and monitoring of little Emmanuel. This led to Nevaeh having to sacrifice many of her toys to help come up with more money to support Emmanuel’s hospital visits.

As the children both grew older to about the age of 8, Nevaeh was in school doing very well. Emmanuel had yet to have a normal school experience as his Mother had to home school him because of his disabilities. Emmanuel had to learn sign language because he was unable to speak and was in a wheelchair because his brain just wasn’t able to send the signals to his legs for them to work properly. This was difficult on both parents knowing that one child is flourishing in her development doing so well in school and acquiring many talents along the way, but their other twin is unable to enjoy life’s normalcy. The hospital visits continued to try and ease the pain for Emmanuel, but his body seemed to continue to experience difficulty as a result of the damage from his birth process. Nevaeh would always rush home to show her parents the great things she had done in school that day and they were very proud. However, the attention was short lived because Nevaeh had to sacrifice bonding time with her parents because her Mother was busy taking care of Emmanuel and her father was working more than one job to help with the expenses. Emmanuel was showing improvements and was never happier than when he was in Church as the family had continued going to Church over the course of all these years. It wasn’t until now the Children were introduced to the story of the Sacrifice and Passion Christ had in order to surrender his life for ours. This seemed to have a huge impact on Emmanuel based on the emotions he was able to show considering his condition. Nevaeh however was kind of entranced away from the story because she had so much else on her mind.

The two grew and moved onto their 13th Birthday where now they had both been saved by grace through their faith in Christ and Nevaeh’s attitude toward life had changed. Nevaeh sacrificed doing basketball in school one year so she could focus on learning sign language to have the ability to communicate more with Emmanuel. This developed a very good relationship between the two and because Nevaeh’s attitude had changed they were finally able to spend some quality time together. It was then that the Father came home with very good news telling his wife and two children that as a result of his hard work and side research he had been given a huge opportunity which led to further financial success. Now he didn’t have to work multiple jobs and was able to spend more time with his family as well as support them easier. Nevaeh still had to sacrifice the clothing trends of her friends and the newest equipment for sports because a lot of the money was still being directed toward Emmanuel’s hospital visits. This however didn’t seem to effect her much anymore because she was happy her family was able to have this improvement. The Mother was very happy about the news and continued her closeness with Emmanuel in his home schooling. Nevaeh and her Mother were also now able to bond further because the Father was home more often to help with Emmanuel. Things appeared to be going very well for the family as the 13th year of this journey showed signs of improvement in a few different ways.

Later on as Nevaeh was now a Senior in High School trying to decide whether or not she would go to college, Emmanuel began showing signs of fading. This weighed on Nevaeh’s mind a great deal because she and her brother had become so close over the course of the past 4 years. This recent change in his health brought sadness and sorrow to both of the parents because he had been doing especially well since his 13th Birthday. Nevaeh didn’t know how to take it and decided to sacrifice her college experience because she felt with more money going toward Emmanuel’s visits that possibly he could become better. Over the course of these past years still going to Church she began to direct her focus on family and relationships rather than herself. This simple change in mind set encouraged her to do more volunteer work around the community and reach out to those in similar situations. She had grown up so fast and became very mature for her age because of what has gone on within her household growing up. Money wasn’t really the issue with the health condition as much as it was regular occurrences just building up over the years for this poor young man. Unfortunately one day Emmanuel had been taken to the hospital for trouble breathing and had to remain there for a few days. This hit Nevaeh really hard because her brother became her rock of confidence and motivation for moving forward in life even when it gets difficult. The parents remained at the hospital every waking moment with Emmanuel, but Nevaeh had not because of school and other engagements. She didn’t know how to take it and began feeling ill herself.

A few days had passed and she finally went to spend the day at the hospital as Emmanuel’s condition kept worsening. Nevaeh was still having a little trouble herself not knowing what was wrong. The parents had noticed their Daughter was a little discolored and looking a little ill. So they began to question Nevaeh about her eating and if anything else may have felt wrong. Nevaeh answered to their liking, but as she got up to go get a drink of water she fainted. This led to her being put into a hospital room for precautionary testing. What they thought may have been dehydration from the circumstances surrounding Emmanuel became much more serious with further testing. What had shown up through blood tests and EKG readings was that Nevaeh herself had a heart ailment that was very serious. She had grown up being very active and never showed any signs of heart trouble, but there is a history in the family of varying heart diseases. Being as young as she was and athletic as she was the doctors were very surprised and began questioning what to do in order to improve her condition. The parents were now overly devastated as both of their children were lying in hospital beds beside each other fighting for their lives.

Sunday had came for that week and it was the only time the parents left the hospital so that they could go to Church. The twins lying near each other had both finally been awake at the same time. They each looked over at each other and put a smile on their faces for the first time in what seemed like forever. No nurses or doctors were around and that is when the miracle began to take place. Emmanuel reached up and took off his oxygen mask and spoke clearly for the first time in his life saying “Hello” to his sister. With a look of complete shock on Nevaeh’s face she was too confused to comprehend what was going on, but responded with a question “Emmanuel how is it that you are able to speak?”. Emmanuel had then began to go through all the sacrifices he knew his sister had made in order to preserve and improve his life that she otherwise thought went unnoticed. This made Nevaeh reflect back on all of the days in Church and time in the bible she spent as to how this was happening. This surreal experience didn’t seem possible because a lot of what she did wasn’t near or around her brother, so how would he have known she wondered. Emmanuel went on to speak that the reason he was here was to preserve and extend her life. Nevaeh didn’t know how to react wondering what it is that he meant by this. Emmanuel then went on to say how he was put here to be her guardian angel specifically for this specific moment. The Lord knew she would face this unexpected trouble and the only way for her to live was to have someone so close to her whose heart and blood type was not only pure and healthy, but also compatible. Nevaeh continued the conversation with her brother because it was the first time they were able to do as such. She did not want this experience to come to an end and began to cry at the thought of one of them dying. Emmanuel comforted her with his words and to increase her faith another unexpected action took place. This young man who could never speak had spoken and who could never walk proceeded to sit up in his hospital bed, stand up, and walk to his sister’s side. The angelic feel of his hand on hers made Nevaeh overwhelmed with a sense of calmness. Emmanuel then said to his sister “This is my sacrifice to you, for you to have my heart and continue to live in order to shed light into the lives of others the way you have to me”. Nevaeh then began reminiscing about the time she first heard the story of sacrifice being spoken about Christ. Now slowly fading back to sleep, Nevaeh’s last image of her brother was him standing beside her holding her hand with a smile.

As she then awoke she felt very different this time around. Little did she know what had transpired between the time she experienced her brother speak and walk. When she woke up she was connected to even more machines and being monitored by more personnel. The parents were by her side crying in happiness and sadness. She felt a slight pain on her chest and put her hand there to feel stitches from an incision. Her parents had then informed her that her brother Emmanuel had passed away and his heart was used to be put inside her in order to save her life. Nevaeh began to cry as all of the sacrifices she had made in the past didn’t seem to matter to her anymore. Nevaeh wanted her brother back, but she knew this happened for a reason and was extremely pleased to be alive. Nevaeh then went on to recover over the course of the next few days with her parents being there every step of the way.

After all of this Nevaeh went on to go to college and become a motivational speaker later in life helping teenagers across the nation who were neglected and in troubled homes. She also started an organization as a memorial to her brother entitled “ES: The Dream” which was made for disabled people to experience an event of their choosing that they normally could not afford. The “ES” stood for Emmanuel’s Sacrifice that impacted her so much and “The Dream” symbolized the final moment she shared with her brother that felt so Heavenly. Nevaeh over the course of the years always went to Church with her parents every Sunday and went out for lunch afterwards. Each meal they shared together would have an empty fourth seat with a picture of Emmanuel drawn as Nevaeh had last seen him before her surgery laying where his plate normally would. The family would say a prayer and as they did it was as if they could feel Emmanuel smiling down from Heaven shining a light on them.

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