Sacrifice to Inspire

Many of us these days like to focus on number 1, which usually in the eyes of our mind is ourselves. When we tend to focus on ourselves and try to over emphasize our needs we tend to miss out on a lot life has to offer. Looking in the mirror day after day when we wake up or more importantly right before we go to bed can we honestly say that we made an impact with the decisions that we made the previous day? If you think you can than that is great, you my friend have learned to portray yourself in very good fashion that not only makes you feel good… but others as well. If you have answered that you can say you made an impact, but don’t feel what i said before applies to you… then i think you have failed to see the greater concept. No worries if you have failed to acquire the proper concept or cannot say that you have made an impact, never fear. If you are still breathing it isn’t too late to change.

Making yourself feel good is a very important aspect to life and is key in living on a day to day basis. The goal to do so however can vary in many different situations of lifestyle and environments. I would have to say from my experience the best way to make an impact is to not only to effect yourselves, but many others that surround you in a positive manner. If you can do this it will make all of the things that affect you that much more pleasant. I mean think about it… if you were to just do everything for yourself and a relationship with a friend goes sour, chances are there will not be much else to help you turn around. Besides what did the problem stem from to begin with? Was it the fact that you were to self-centered? Could it have been you forfeited spending time with that friend in order to only try and fulfill a self proclaiming act? If you can impact others around you for the better a greater majority of the time, there will be more people for you to turn to as well as the better odds there won’t be any problems with a friend that will blow out of proportion.

Hence the title of this little rant. Sacrifice to iNSPIRE! The goal is to sacrifice yourself as a person to try and help inspire others around you. In doing this you won’t only meet new people and make lots of new friends, but you will find a lot of self satisfaction in the long run. Allowing others to get to know you and constantly striving to do good for them isn’t always easy, but it is always rewarding. Yes some people may try and take you for granted and misuse your kindness, but in all reality they are just ruining what they could really recieve rather than ruining what you are giving them. Everyone that we interact with has an eye on how we behave, interact, and look within as well as without of course. The outside doesn’t really matter in this process. Kindness and caring will touch a person in more ways than a new piece of clothing or materialistic good. With that being said the first thing to get the hang of is “not to judge people”. Going by looks or rumor is never a good idea because who knows why they dress the way they do or if that little story you heard was even true. We have no right to judge others when we ourselves aren’t perfect. The key is to meet the person and get to know them on your own accord. In doing this you will show that you care and that you are willing to share your background/personality if they do so in return. The best thing to do in most situations with anyone is to find what you have in common with them no matter how different you may see yourselves being. Them being different from you in one way or another is no excuse not to try to inspire them or be there friend. If that way was the norm then no one could hold onto a relationship or friendship.

It is important to remember that even if you are a person who doesn’t like to go out and party for example, but have friends who like to do that. Don’t criticize their decisions or succomb to any pier pressure to change your own ways. Hold strong and continue to form a bond with that person in the things that do bring you two together. So in that aspect… make the sacrifice to continue to reach out to that person and be a friend when they are in need even if what they do might not be what you agree with. Everyone has the right to their own freedoms of choice. Lifestyle differences like that shouldn’t be a blockade to moving forward in getting to know a person or hanging around them as a friend.

Everyone has the goal to strengthen themselves in the areas that they are weak. The difficulty is allowing those people who can fill the voids where we are weak in to help build us up. Don’t be afraid to use your strengths in order to help those who are weak in those areas. It is always good to lend a helping hand to someone because you don’t know when you may need the same thing in return from them or someone they know. If you choose to sacrifice yourself in order to inspire others only great things can come from it. Like i mentioned before if you do happen to run into someone who just tries to abuse that gift, don’t fret it because someone around them who they talk with or just observe the situation will still be impacted by your actions to continue to do what is right. Don’t let anyone hold you back from reaching out to other people, you wouldn’t be yourself without the people that surround you. So why not make them happy while making yourself happy? Continue to strive forward, but build a great wall that is lined like a fortress not just a slim skyscraper pillar. Sacrifice to iNPSIRE and you will become stronger in more ways than you could have ever imagined before.

Besides Jesus came to serve others, not for himself to be served. He sacrificed himself to save us, the least we could do is take our good qualities and use them to aid others around us. Whether you are Christian or not, i am sure you still believe in right and wrong… nice and mean. So as the Bible says and your own conscience probably says, treat others the way you yourself want to be treated. Life only improves with this form of living, try it and you will see.

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