Sanctuary (S4)

The place I call mine
The area that is paradise
The mentality to have power
The presence of being divine

Something I hold dear
Somewhere I want to be near
Someone I feel is true
Somehow I only knew

Of such a grand land
That grasps my hands
And pulls me away
From the normality of each day

The island of dreams
That fulfills my every desire
The ocean of happiness that gleams
And makes the sounds of a heavenly choir

Each memory of shame
Has gone away in this bliss
I like to reminisce in this mind frame
Because without it I wouldn’t fully exist

Each Sanctuary is one in the same
Each person has their own
Mine is a place to proclaim
Because it brings me closer to the unknown

Clears my senses
Allows for clarity
No stress or suspense
Just revival and prosperity

I like to feel its embrace
It puts a smile on my face
No other place I’d rather be
Than here experiencing my Sanctuary

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