Sands of Time

Each tick of the clock a moment in life fades
It’s time to take control, right now…today

[1st Verse]:
All these things that I see
Got me sittin back questioning
Am I hear to live or here to die
Stalemated stuck in a position of why
Like a mid summer’s day I’m hangin out to dry

What is it that has begun to materialize
So called alien corruption from the outer lines
With the media forcin an issue of hysteria
2012 is comin soon, trust me I can hear ya

False sense of democracy it’s killin me
Government thinkin they can hide conspiracy
What is with this symbolism in the music industry
Secret societies in the mainstream, hello there illuminati
Satanic impulses rockin the imagery

People bein called geniuses for their manipulations
I’m disgusted that this so called art is in full rotation
Tryin to function at the cost of a debilitated nation
Calibrated smooth to pump like high powered pistons
It’s no wonder those without Christ can’t seem to resist

[2nd Verse]:
Many want to relapse for hard cash
Treat their lungs like a smoke stack
Yet they want their life back
When they see that corpse layin on a cold slab

Silly puppets blinded by the fame
Not knowin what they worship it’s a shame
There is one common name behind them all
They call to Lucifer to show their fall

How is it that so many cannot see
Probably because it’s all forced subliminally
Yet the signs are vast and clear
If you take the time to find them my dear

Year after year more sell out and for what
The end times are near, your window is almost shut
Classic case of chasin that dream of pleasure
Happiness isn’t through money, it’s through endeavor

Flesh antics causin so much pain
Yet many still search for answers while in chains
Don’t you want to be free from drowning
Then look to the cross and begin your journey

It isn’t necessary to fear death
If you’ve talked to Christ and repented
Live according to his actions of sacrifice
Ask him in and you shall receive everlasting life

[3rd Verse]:
Many lookin out for themselves as number one
What they don’t realize is they are simply none
Without the relationship that you are meant with God’s Son
Your spirit inside just tries to hide until your life is done

So others have made themselves slaves to evil for a short reign
Don’t become jealous through their foolish games
Eternal glory is far greater than some temporary gain
So why not acquire it through the one and only name

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