Scripted (S2)

Everyone tends to have a favorite media that they like over the other. People who prefer television have their own set of specific television shows that they relate to better than others. Those who like movies tend to fall into a specific genre to keep themselves stimulated with entertainment. Others prefer music that seems to spin their emotional mind set in a way that no other format can seem to do with the mix of instrumental, lyric, and voice. Then there are those who prefer video games to acquire a little taste for each of those all into one, but prefer it more because they have the ability to control a lot of the outcome of their entertainment experience. Each of these mediums have their own unique draws to the people that are fortunate enough to experience them. Television can seemed to be ruined by the commercials, movies can be cut too short, music can be ruined based on the system you use to listen, and video games can be controversial with their material. With the mix of the Internet bringing these all together this leads to 1 common link between everyone who prefers one over the other. The idea that comes to mind when thinking about each of these productions is the sense of scripting.

Today more than ever it seems people want to be famous for one thing or another and it is a result of seeing something they really liked through one of these mediums. The job of the people developing these entertainment avenues are trying to hook you into their creations so they can develop more money and succeed in producing more of their ideas in the future. It is almost as if the people buying into these programs are the main contributors to the scripting of how media gets shaped in the future. Well actually that is how the success is determined obviously, but I am speaking more in the sense of people allowing these particular creations run their life and influence their lifestyles to the point that it is almost ridiculous. Media in this day and age is too predictable for my tastes. With the success of one reality show comes many more because of the cost savings and people who feel attached to these individuals being scripted to perform in these “real life” scenarios. Hate to break it to you, but they are all scripted one way or another to try and out do the other similar shows. You commonly see sex symbols being forced not only in entertainment shows, but now also within informational advertising. The way people are living their lives and the way media is being scripted is pretty much becoming one in the same. There are those that allow their entertainment to script the way they portray life and there are the media developers that allow the experiences of others surrounding them to script their creations.

This couldn’t be any more favorable for the media developers because their success lies within being able to relate and mold a production to those who experience it. I am looking more at the fact that life seems to be becoming more scripted almost in the way of a stereotypical role. There seems to be the lasting impression that whatever the given circumstance of your environment determines the type of person you are. I hate to see that form of thought continue to become stronger. Life doesn’t have to be scripted based on what is happening around you, but rather what you can develop from within to improve the situation around you. Everyone has the ability to impact other individuals in a positive and negative manner. The scripts these days tend to fall into the negative realm because that is what draws news and other media to the forefront. With the positive stories always being treated as minuscule, there seems to be the draw to behave negatively in order to get mass attention. Believe me there are more opportunities and rewards when living/impacting in a positive manner.

Having went through the educational path that I did, it is very easy to determine the writing and outcomes of these so called “entertainment” mediums anymore. People are all very different and unique which is something I hope remains. I would hate to think that the scripted aspects of media could influence the pathways the everyday individuals decide to take in order to become commonplace or popular to the extent of complete dullness. Even though today that is the majority of what you see in the teenage market, I hope that it doesn’t move down to the childhood experience or continue on into the adulthood experience much. Now I find nothing wrong with entertainment avenues, yet I find everything wrong with them. Being my future job will most likely involve me helping produce them is a bit ironic. Either way just seeing how these scripted features are effecting the realness of life in a negative facet is a horrible process I wish would end sooner rather than later. My advice is to be strong in all that you do and remain unique for following the script of others isn’t what you were meant for. There is a reason you have your own body, mind, and presence. The actual reason varies from person to person, but I do know that the reason is not to follow the “script” that others tend to force feed us on a daily basis. Thanks for reading, God Bless!

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