Second Chances

1st Verse:

When the sun rises I think of all the times
All the times I’ve truly shined
Made mistakes, caused heartache
But rebounded with plenty of grace

Clouded mind, heart of gold
What is it that mistook my hold
I don’t understand nor regret
Anything that I’ve tried to forget

What is it that keeps me sane
How is it a second chance came
Time and time again I wonder
What is it that fixes my blunders

Stunned at the transition of wishin
That I could improve and elevate
My state of mind in the depiction
Of what my life has became

There has to be help, some kind of aid
That I am overlookin with haste
Will this feeling begin to fade
Or will I somehow be able to change

Shock vibs causing a blind eye
To what this peace brings
Angelic like happenings from the sky
Then my Guardian angel sings

2nd Verse:

Always protected from the darkness that looms
What is it that I seem to be able to do
Again a mystery I can’t figure
Will this continue to be in my demeanor

Heart filled and mind light
What is it that makes me reflect comfort
Is there something goin on at night
Or am I imagining this sort of spark

Haunted by the dark in this world
Haunted by the ways of terror
Yet protected in conjunction with joy
A fragrance of happiness seems to be deployed

Never can I seem to capture
Where it is this comes from
My senses fail to recognize this form of pure
Could it be given by the Son

Still transfixed with this type of obsession
Why the second chance continues to be given
Then my Guardian angel begins to sing again

3rd Verse:

I hear somethin off in the distance
What is that peaceful voice I hear
Perhaps a clue to what will reveal this year
Or another message eludin me to chance

Born again way back at the tick of the clock
Pendulum swingin cuttin through my wall of rock
That barricades my feelings of dismay
That I hate to even begin to display

Throughout the process of why
Theories come and go, runnin dry
One hope that always remains
Is the one that has already cleansed these stains

Deep down I bet you’ve always known
The answer to the reasons of hope
Does your belief cloud your judgement
Preventin the aspect to repent

Is your experience hinderin what your hearin
Clearing your senses with frantic questions
You should be able to hear the voice of God
Through his angels singin

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