Serious (S1)

Whether you are out having fun or sitting in a do or die situation there is always the question that arises within about taking things serious. In my mind I feel you need to take life serious at all times no matter what it is you are doing. Not to refer to the common definition of having no fun and being over-dramatic. I am just referring to the idea of giving each activity you participate in 100 percent or else why even be doing it at all? When having fun I want to be enjoying myself for that moment in life that would bring me joy so to give it 100 percent would only be fair to maximize my potential to have some “serious” fun. When looking over the course of life’s journey in itself almost everyone can tell that there are times when they’ve decided to be lazy and do the activity in half-stride. This usually results in a quick thought of regret or leads to the questioning of yourself wondering what you were thinking at that particular time. Obviously no one can live life perfect or be perfect as a whole. It just seems to me when things are taken a little more serious is when the better situations tend to arise in people’s lives.

I wish that the mentality of being “serious” didn’t have such a negative connotation. There is nothing wrong with giving a “serious” effort or living in a “serious” manner if you want to be driven to fulfill your goals or just succeed at a specific task. As mentioned before taking everything serious doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be a killjoy, but rather more aware of your surroundings and dedicated to submitting yourself to that particular endeavor. The majority of societal actions seem rather abundant to not having this particular mind set. With the lack of good decision making skills anywhere from top corporate businesses down to some kid going to the store to pick up a particular item for their parents and coming across something that could hinder their health if curiosity got the best of them. Taking consequences of your actions less “serious” is what I feel contributes to a lot of the problems that have lead up to this particular rough patch for America. Between governmental policy decisions that we have no knowledge about happening in the Capital City continually trickling down to effect those who are struggling just to put food on their table. Serious seems to be affecting more than just those who can make the decisions for themselves.

When there begins to be an issue with “serious” reprocutions effecting the mass majority that is when it dawns on me to being looking at aspects such as these. Serious just happens to jump out at me because in these times there are “serious” problems happening that are not helping the people that make up this Earth. If there wasn’t such an ideal to focus on quick resolutions and potential aspects of making everyone happy, I think we could “seriously” see some positive changes occur. There is a time in every situation when you have to sit back and analyze the seriousness of what is actually occurring. The fact that freedom seems to be a joke these days is a serious problem for all of us. Freedom seems to be the cop out for anyone presenting an argument that would help lead to the destruction of a particular key element of society that in return leads to more “serious” tragedies.

If there was a stricter mentality illuminating “Seriousness” in every individuals mind, I think finally something could trickle upward to make changes instead of the continual trickle down that is leading to further dismantlement of living. Cause and effect seem to have more of an impact on life than we tend to realize. There are many that just sit back and complain rather than take action to support what they think needs to happen to improve the situations around them. That would appear to be a lack of “serious” dedication to what one should do. Because of this cause the effect remains negative. I think that if “serious” became an epidemic across the nation there would be a lot less circumstances involving the need to be fixed. Fun seems to be the focus for everyone in this particular generation and I believe that fun more than anything seems to be a main cause of this destruction. Fun generally equals money, money generally equals access, access generally equals poor decisions, and poor decisions generally equals destruction. There are many sad stories out there that keep coming across computer screens, televisions, and radio waves. There are still many that yet need to be shared I believe in order to make the effort of improvement in life more “serious”.

The definition of serious that needs to be taken up and presented is one that promotes using positive moral judgement and utilizing a clean work ethic in order to spread correct solutions. Why so serious? Because with a “serious” mentality comes the hope of positive reprocutions. A little more (we) and a lot less (me) is one “serious” ratio that needs to be altered in the minds of every citizen in order for a movement of positive change to occur for the masses. This could be taken further beyond words and any number of pages that I could possibly type. The analyzation of “serious” is one that could bring a huge debate. This is a little scratch of the surface to what came to mind when I initially took this word into consideration as a topic. I seriously hope that this can provoke a few thoughts in your mind or persuade you to do something that you have been contemplating doing. Serious isn’t always bad, but make sure to aid in helping eliminate the bad surrounding serious when you do in fact become serious. Thank you for your time in reading, God Bless!

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