Sex (S5)

Are you aware of what it is
How complex it is
What kind of developments
Have risen to destroy this

Why do you need the experience
Prior to your marriage
Outside of love, what is this
Why the need for an epidemic

Do you know the results of this
How unpredictable it is
What kind of diseases it compliments
Also how it turns innocents into abortionists

Unfathomable consequences
As a result of this
When did humanity begin to relish
Such horrible taste in what this is

It is a permanent action, do you get this
Are you aware of it being dangerous
Why so serious
Because this nonsense makes me furious

A globe of porno-graphics
Beginning to overcome the true definition
Of what sex really is
Very sad to see this prescription
For the minds of the many delirious
In the twists and turns of these transactions

So many, so curious
Why the rush to be optimistic
In the endeavor to be in this mess
Why has purity gone absent

A true love partner of the opposite sex situation
Is what is required for this
To reach above and beyond contemplation
When you feel the need for addiction

Since when did simple exist
In these pleasurable elements
What’s the response to all this
Is this all even realistic
Or has everyone turned into illusionists

Can you examine what sex is
It is hard to contemplate trueness
In anything that is acted upon to be this
In this day and age regardless

So sad, so meaningless
Where is the power and passion
To be what this truly is
Can it be rescued before absolute destruction
Or will many continue to be seduced to the sin

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