Shame on Me

Days go by and I continue to ask why
Why the reasoning for this and that
What happens if I pass this person by
Without taking the time to smile and chat
Will our lives be any different if I had
Or would we both just continue on in this crazy land

Seeing someone in need and not helping
Whether it is on the side of the road or TV
Down the street or overseas
What kind of person does that make me

Knowing what is right from wrong
Yet not doing anything to make an impact
Seems like it is wrong in itself
But in all reality can we help everything we see
That is the question often generated to be lazy

I need to stand up for change
Put words into actions to help reign
This difference that I tend to speak
To bring forth a tide of positivity
To those around myself who need me

Develop my purpose and exercise my gifts
So that I can move forward in life to uplift
All those who encounter my presence
So they can take something good away from it

Looking through my own eyes into the depths of my mind
I need to exercise that in which makes my heart tick
I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me
A famous passage that I happen to find
Boosts my mindset to enhance my movement

I need to take charge and not hesitate
Because my time here isn’t guaranteed
So in order to help towards something great
There is an everyday mission I need to take seriously
Because if I don’t then I fail in my journey
And if I let that happen, then shame on me
God didn’t give me all of these blessings
To see me fall short of spreading his glory

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