1st Verse:

The world no longer black and white
Now a big meltin pot, culminatin grey
People tryin to take wrong and make it right
No longer free will can grow today
Too many technologies effectin the brain

Everybody runnin to what is easy
Trying to take down the majority
People now view lie as truth and truth as lie
Spreadin evil views thinkin that they are fine

When will it end, tired of the darkness
This consistent distress of causin mess
Is gettin old, gotta stop tryin to nullify the shine
That is meant for this world to hold divine

The sky is blue and grass is green
Life is still a question not defined
With all the unkind, what does it all mean
Will we ever again spread the light

2nd Verse:

Now the story seems to go, we live for us
The one and only, showin a lack of purpose
That is the problem with society today
We feel as if anything goes and it’s ok

Because this is our only chance at glory
Slavin to money and media for popularity
When we’re really hurtin the chance for prosperity
All because we feel the need to live a fantasy

Which we don’t care for the solid truth
But rather only the things underneath our roof
Materialistic this world has now become
All at the expense of potentially reachin stardom

It’s embarrassin to see all of this unfold
Tryin to pursue insanity has become the goal
Many givin pressure to those who still care
For faith in life, tryin to end this despair

3rd Verse:

What life are you livin
Is it one worth mentionin
Take a look in the mirror
So you can give an honest answer

Don’t lie to yourself on this one
Make a difference before it’s all said and done

Quit stealin away the shine of the bright light
That others still maintain in their line of sight
What’s left of good in this world, you can still find
You just have to let it take control of your mind

Inspire, respect, and motivate
The change we need to elevate
In order to revive
All the potential in our lives
We gotta make a conscience effort
To move forward in pursuit with others

No longer a solo act, so let’s go react
And bring forth the faith, joy, grace, peace and unity back

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