So the story goes

People try to taunt me
Try to get me out of my zone of clarity
While makin wise cracks about flow or popularity
I don’t do what I do for fame or money

I write cause I can, it isn’t my plan
I’m not tryin to become famous with my lyrics
I make music simply because I can
It just happens kind of spur of the moment

So you can hate on the mix, lyrics, and flow
Just know that it all goes out the window
Because I don’t consider myself a pro
I just do it because it’s just another thing I know

People want to erase me and displace me
When in reality they just have a form of jealousy
I don’t aim to please a majority
I just want to create something

I think it’s funny how people will take what I write at times
Try to reword it to elude the presence of a copyright
Then go lookin to sell a shell of what was mine

I don’t hold it against them, times are tough
I just wish they could come up with their own stuff
I knew the risks before puttin any of it up
Besides like I said, I don’t do it for a pay stub

I’m not a hero or a force to be reckoned with
I don’t seek the glory many others try to obtain
Most times I am surprised at the stuff I explain

Some people think I spend a lot of time on each piece
When in reality I hardly ever break ten minutes
There is much activity in my brain and a lot that I think
So I let it flow naturally, but when it comes to writing
Most of these workings I don’t even take the time to edit

I have been blessed in many situations
All the success thus far wasn’t anything intended
Hearin the compliments and even the hate
Has made these creations of mine somethin great

I feel blessed that it has reached many nations
I don’t expect any form of recognition
All the glory from it goes to God in Heaven
He is the one that gets the job done

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