[1st Verse]:
How can a Christian be on a gangsta beat
It’s just one of those things that needs to be
Check my kicks nike, reebok, and adidas
Cause all day I dream about salvation

Nope not sex like the rest, I’m a soulja
Not the falsified street level gangsta
But a man on a mission from Christ’s battalion
Send me in I’ll hit the front lines, no guns

I’m not here to kill or end all problems
But rather just give you a little introduction
Life is never easy no matter what you’ve done
However there is better representation with God’s Son

I’ll flip my hat off so bill doesn’t blind me
I don’t need any more shade over my eyes
Only a clear vision of my only journey
The media does well enough with blindin lies

[2nd Verse]:
There were some unbelievers long ago called Sadducees
They didn’t believe in any life after death
Quite common with today cause those that don’t believe
Are always seemin to feel quite sad you see

Depression almost no longer an illness
Just a regular everyday common occurrence
With all that is wrong, takin my rights away
Makin decisions when the majority says nay

I just don’t get it, why have an election
If you just want a puppet to take office
Inexperienced or just unaware of the people’s affairs
Everyday is the same, politics showin they simply don’t care

Want to separate our Church from your State
Well then why am I still affected by your rage
A power surge that blurs into somethin darker
I know I didn’t sign up for this whole New World Order

[3rd Verse]:
Be careful when you see light these days
It can be a mirage of falsely created rays
Satan was an angel thrown down from Heaven
So his luminance seems to fool a lot of humans

Don’t get mesmerized by the false light
Open your eyes to the lies, see what’s right
Dress your heart with the armor of God
Allow the Holy Spirit to live in your bod

All those sleepless nights can turn into calm
Let Christ grab a firm hold of your palm
Don’t let go, walk the path that is laid
Stay on your feet so you don’t get swept away

Soak in the grace, peace, and understanding
The love of God is forever everlasting
Declare yourself a new creature, not of this earth
Cause Heaven is where home is after the rebirth

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