I find it funny
When it’s actually quite sad to see
People complainin about those who cheat
When they live their lives where love can’t truly be

I don’t see how they can expect something
That is beautiful to develop from a false reality
They continue toward the questioning of wondering
Just to have a skewed view of what a relationship means

Here’s a hint you won’t get light through darkness
You won’t find humility in a narcissist
You won’t see sober in an alcoholic
You won’t get loyalty in an addict
Nor find commitment where freedom is what they expect

So many try and adapt to their surroundings
To find a needle in a hay stack
When they need to be forthcoming
With themselves knowin their chances lack

In an environment that charades fun
When more times than not damage is done
Anyone can act nice for a moment
Be different when under the influence

It’s that fact you put yourself in those situations
You can’t find what it is you really are seekin
The one’s that sit and listen to you cry
Give you back your pride each time
Are the ones you overlook for being too nice

Why is it people can’t see what is right in front of them
So many times there is an avenue to take
That can take them away from mess and end their quest
Yet they choose to ignore it, immediately goin for what’s next
In line at the fall of a dime back in their normal action

So many friends and family I’ve seen hurt
When all they need to do is learn
Learn to be honest with themselves
So they can see where it is love really dwells

It is out there for everyone to partake
You just have to get past the mistakes
Overcome any form of heartache
Get right in the mind to be in good enough shape
To correct yourself fully, allowin for something great

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