Subtle Sight

There was a little girl who had a vivid dream
This dream was of a little winged baby
As if it was an angel of her future child
Trying to be with her all the while

This young girl didn’t know what it meant
So she went on with her days of growth and development
She came to the age of understanding
Continuing with that dream of a baby smiling

When she grew older and met Mr. Right
They were married and began the delight
At first the notion was to wait a few years
But that baby kept showing up bringing her to tears

When the couple decided to have kids
Trouble came in an unexpected way
It appeared as if they were unable to have children
Time came and went day by day
Finally they went to the doctors to see what he had to say

The test results came denying their odds
But they kept the faith and continued on
That night they knelt to pray
The wife could only see that dream
While the husband just sought clarity

The wife shared her secretive vision of the baby
That was with her through the majority of life
The husband was confused by this story from his wife
Because what he shared next changed everything

He had explained that each time he dreamed
It was of a time with many in his family
The interesting fact of that matter
Was that he didn’t have any other family members
Due to a horrific disaster in his teenage years

So the couple remained humble and looked for answers
They prayed each day for God to shed some kind of light
Within their understanding of what they have observed

One day the wife woke up fairly sick
It continued on for a number of days
The husband began to worry quick

So he did what anyone would do
Off to the doctors they went
During their waiting period a look came upon her face
In her mind she thought she knew

Their name was soon called
They headed to the back room
But on the way one of the nurses from their last visit stopped them
She began to explain in detail how sorry she was and then said
That the doctor’s office had made a mistake
They weren’t infertile at all
For some reason they didn’t find out until now and the couple began to shake

The doctor was nearby and called them in
Soon to find out the wife was pregnant
As time passed it came to be a surprise
The glisten in the couple’s eyes
Grew even bigger because they were having twins

The baby in her dream kept her hopeful
And the family he saw began to grow
They stayed true in their belief, now the gift was bestowed

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