Teresa Da Silva

A woman that I have never met
Yet she did something for me I’ll never forget
This is the name of the woman who gave me birth
The one who introduced me to this Earth

I don’t know the circumstances in which I was made
But she didn’t think that I was a mistake
She showed her views that abortion wasn’t ok
When she delivered me on that late August day

She was young, she was in poverty
I am just glad she gave me an opportunity
Without her sacrifice and endurance
I would have never had a chance
A chance to be here writing and breathing
Allowing myself to grow and obtain substance

It would be nice to see a smile on the face
Of the woman who I grew with
Allowing her to see the product of her labor

Having a chance to meet and embrace
Would be a satisfying gift
However it will most likely never occur

I appreciate the love she showed
To know that I would be better off alive
Rather than become another sadistic statistic

She felt unable to handle the load
But must have known good would arrive
Once an adoption would be finalized

Forever grateful am I for her choice
To be responsible for her actions
So that God could proceed with his voice
In my life, giving me my wonderful family
Whose raised me in the freedoms of this nation
Introducing me to a life led biblically

I often think of my bloodlines
What is it I could do for this woman
Who did so much for me back in time

What other ties may I have
Down in that unfamiliar land
Where I was created and born

So much I have to express
Hopefully someday it will be addressed
Between the two of us, because I am blessed
And if I can provide any help to her
I feel it would be a great honor

I hope she has found peace and harmony
Throughout the time we separated in life’s journey
I pray that she has accepted Christ and is saved
So we are guaranteed to meet in Heaven someday

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