Elements that are unheard and unseen
Billions of people not knowing truth in reality
Hard to say that they can be blamed
When they haven’t heard it proclaimed

Many people tend to be shy
My question now more than ever is why
The light of this world can no longer afford to hide
Nobody knows when the time will come for our lives to subside

It is a great thing to holster the word of God
Too many people are wrapped up in some facade
That prevents them from being prideful
In explaining the feeling they experience in their soul

Walking down the street shouldn’t be
Just for another breath of fresh air
It should be to look for the opportunity
To rise up that courage to share and inspire
Others who may not be exposed to that light
That you get to feel when you lay down your head each night

There is a place at the end of the road
A place where you should want everyone to go
Love your neighbor as thyself and provide for them
The chance to go to heaven rather than the house of the condemned

Never be afraid to show you’re a Christian
There is always somebody wishing they had more
They just aren’t always aware of what they’re missing
That is when you know it’s your cue to take the floor

Testimony is the best way for others to see
Since that in fact is what it takes for many to believe
Personal experience and life at hand
Is what some people need in order to understand

Sacrifice your fear in order to make someone else’s day
In the end it will all be ok
No need to worry what they may think
As long as you have their best interests in mind each time you speak

Because not enough people right now will fly
After their term of life expires
It is a dire need for our society to stray away from hell’s fire

When you wake up each day can you honestly say
That by the end of that particular day
You will have been productive in such a way
That changed a life for the better taking them away
From what they once knew to something improved

Again exemplify the name that gets you through
Christ sacrificed his life for you
It isn’t much to sacrifice a few words
Throughout a course of a conversation to secure
The fact that you at least tried
To bring forth the word in an effort to testify

Be brave, be strong, and be aware
Everyone in this world has something
They are looking for that involves your effort to care
Pay attention to your surroundings
Because that person may have that need
For you to carry out that special deed
Of explaining and proclaiming sanctity

Close your eyes and let your mind wonder
About the possibilities that it could be facing
What circumstance would you prefer to be under
Now think about those that don’t have the serenity
Of knowing there is something they could obtain
To help aid in taking their problems away

Because it is the responsibility of us
Who aren’t afraid to show why
We live the way we do and prove that having Christ is a plus
In each conversation we have, we should have a sense of comfort at the goodbye
Just knowing that we took the time to try
Otherwise, we may never know if that individual will one day reach the sky

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