Thanks to Everyone

This goes out to all who came my way
All of you people that brightened my days
Everyone that I spoke with over my time
Four years of the college life are now left behind
I thank all of you who made the moments shine

A while back there began to spark something new
I had gained knowledge through a lot of you
Without the encounters that I had I would’ve never grew
I am grateful for the people that I knew

I am sad that the day has come to say goodbye
But the memories we all shared will never die
I will take them to my grave and up into the sky
I constantly wonder why things have to end
Then again I am just happy you were at one time my friends

Four years, man it went so fast
I remember when I began the territory seemed so vast
So many more people than where I had come from
Graduating so quickly was what I thought about last
I had no idea the quantity of friends, I just wanted some

The Lord blessed me with many
And I continued to thank him for simply giving me any
All of you played a special role in who I am today
The kind little things that may not matter
Are items that I will carry on forever
I pick up on those fragments and continue to portray
Change in myself day after day
To try and contribute back in some way

I do not judge and I hope you all were able to pick up on that
I find the good in people so the relationship doesn’t fall flat
I have so much respect for all that I have met
If you did things I didn’t like it was no sweat
I enjoyed the common ground that we found
It isn’t my place to dictate who you are
Things that like are simply just for the bizarre

The quality of friendships was more than I expected
Because what I had experienced before was fairly poor
Like I said earlier the memories are continuously going to be reflected
In my head because of the good times that were always in store

I wish every single one of you who read this the best
I am not so good at goodbyes, but who knows if this really is
I would hope we are able to keep in touch for the rest
There are many good times to come that can’t be dismissed
I don’t know where you all stand with God
But now with an uncertain future, my life even more now than before is his

I hope you all have success in the future
And endure any rejection and pain that comes your way
Because happiness will be on the other side if you remain sure
Of yourselves and confident in your ability to move forward

May none of you fall short of your dreams
And please stay positive with your self esteem
Each one of you are truly special
God Bless you all

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