That Special Bond

Sitting by, wondering whom
May come along to take you from the doom
That you feel in being alone
Anticipating when the day will come
When you can share you life with someone

Doubting you have a second half
Continuing to see the other couples laugh
At the fact that they are glad
Makes your emotions sad
Thinking to yourself that is something you wish you had

Hearing others tell you, don’t feel bad
Your day will be here soon
When you will find that significant other
Who will put an end to that sorrowful tune

Just sitting by being impatient
Because you feel left out of the crowd
That is enjoying the time of graciousness
You wish you could experience

Don’t let this get you down
These emotions are temporary
A smile is better than a frown

Someone somewhere is thinking of you
So let that be your clue
To keep a positive attitude
In all that you do

That person will come soon enough
So don’t make the times tough
By hurting your self esteem
One day you will be living your dream
In having that relationship that makes you gleam

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