The 5 W’s

When you think, what is it you hope for?
When you dream, what is it you wish to have happen?
When you look into someone else’s eyes what do you see?
When you meet somebody for the first time, how do you feel?
When you see someone struggling what emotion arises within?
When you listen to music what kind brings you joy?
When you read do you understand the meaning?
When you walk can you feel the earth moving around you?
When you write is it something meaningful?
When trouble comes, how is it you handle it?
When something unexpected happens do you know how to react?
When there is an emergency can you be counted on?
When someone needs an ear to hear them, do you offer?
When you see someone lost do you point them in the right direction?
When someone asks a question are you prepared to answer them correctly?
When you see a stranger around you, what assumptions do you make?
When you see something different, how do you apply your thoughts?
When you don’t understand something do you ask questions?
When you feel afraid do you trust others to guide you through your fears?
When you stand at a new door are you curious as to what lies behind it?
When you’ve walked the same path for so long does it begin to grow old?
When you feel defeated, who is it you turn to?
When you feel obligated to do something, do you do it?
When you do something wrong, are you then guilty?
When there is an opportunity to do go, have you done it?
When there is darkness, do you reach for the light?
When something tells you to stop, do you go?
When you wonder what your life means, are you happy with the answer?
When you’re doubted, do you rise above those doubts?
When the end seems near, do you give up?
When you have the fear of falling, in which direction do you look?
When asked what is real, what is it that you say?
When asked do you believe, do you tell them who ask the truth?

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