The Arena

I kneel before a brightly lit cross
Darkness behind me with the breath of evil on my back
My head is bent praying for the loss
Facing the light trying to correct the discipline I lack

Aching with the marks of sin on my mind
Thousands of demons behind me with their red beady eyes
Waiting to devour me if I again fade away from the sacrifice
Protected by Christ in his grace from all the hell in this place

Teetering on the thin line of good and evil
As I kneel for a renewed hope to reveal
All the potential and reasoning of why I am here still

Feeling the indecision and temptation lurking over my shoulder
The focus of my thoughts need to be on the path of life ahead
Not of the question involving constantly asking why

Surrounded by such a spiritual phenomenon
Wears down my senses, considering I am only human
Struggling with the environment of this scene
I can’t help but experience all of the emotions and contemplate what they mean

The direction I face is where I need to remain
For if I slip back into the darkness more wounds will be obtained
I have to drift forward into the light so I can regenerate
In order to heal and erase all of the scars that this life can create

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