The Day and Age

There are many people these days that seem to just live their lives without any sense of conviction or purpose. It makes you wonder if this is just the natural way they were wired or if there is a deeper meaning behind what we are seeing within America today? Why is it that the “Greatest” Nation on the Earth is the one that is having the most problems amongst the industrial and technological nations? Why are the people here folding under the pressures of what our Government deems to be fit? Is there even a voice left in this democracy that we wanted to create way back when we first obtained our freedom in this land?

There are plenty of questions to be asked that need to be answered by every individual who resides in this country. People have to learn to analyze themselves and better themselves before antagonizing and criticizing the actions of others. There can’t be much of a difference made if you just want to be the one pointing fingers and not the one helping provide your gifts and talents to formulate a solution. A lot of what holds people back is the age factor. There are plenty of articulate younger people who have plenty to say that are intellectual about how to help inspire change through newer uses of technology, but they just might not feel worthy because of how they get shut out by their elders. Even older people these days will just sit back and relax because a lot of them feel they won’t have much time left to even have to worry about how things are being operated, when in reality they should be concerned for their younger peers. The truth is everyone needs to have a voice and worry about those around them just as much as they admire themselves. Everyone has a right to feel good and be comfortable on a day to day basis. Why is it that the Government officials say they want to help the citizens of the country to get back on track, yet continue to impose so much debt and pressure on the citizens to fulfill that gap they have created?

There is something bigger going on here in these times, you’ve seen it over the course of history when something methodically sneaks up on the populations causing turmoil and panic. It appears that this is slowly becoming the case even more so this day in this age. We have plenty of technology to express ourselves and our viewpoints to get our voices heard, yet most still don’t take the time to put it into action. Why obtain these outlets at a cost and a loss to your personal financial gain if you aren’t willing to sacrifice a little of your time to try and take full advantage of the opportunities they present? It seems to be quite clear that many people don’t take into account the ideals of good vs. evil. I just find it hard to understand how there can be such blatant signs of this being portrayed through not only media, but also everyday actions… yet even still people are blind to the reality of it all.

“Why”, seems to be the number one leader in all questions being posed towards any number of topics, ideals, or people. There are definitely more questions than answers being presented throughout everyday living and the answer is quite simple as to why this is. When you seek the answers within yourself or through a centrally controlled environment there are going to be varying obstacles you are going to have to get through that will just conclude to there being multiple avenues that you consider to be answers. I am sure we have all heard the phrase “There are always two sides to a story”. Well just like there are two different ways to act, to view, and to think there are two sides to choose from this day forward. The question is when you think of that statement what comes to mind soon after you read it? Is it a conflict that you are facing personally or a situation that presents something difficult to sift through? I hope that it presents the simplistic yet deeper meaning of the fact that it is good vs. evil. Whether you want to believe it or not the two sides exist and are at battle within everyone who walks this Earth.

Many people struggle at the belief of a higher power or spirituality, because they either don’t take the time to analyze the facts or they are blinded by their own ignorance that they’ve fallen into. I mean how can you not acknowledge there is more to this Earth let alone yourself than what lies upon the surface? There are plenty of questions that I could raise that could help you start your journey of in depth thinking, but I will just ask a few simplistic questions that can get you started if you are indeed of unbelief toward a divine creator. Why is it that something as simplistic as a sheet of paper, a pencil, or even a shirt needs a creator? How can materials and technology be justified as having a creator, yet something as complex and significant as the human body, the world, the solar system, and the universe not be justified by having a creator? Think upon that as well as tell me how scientific experiments need to be “created”, tested, and analyzed by the power of action, thinking, and time… yet somehow they justify what is all around us as a “natural progression”? I don’t see how that fits accurately at all considering natural progression can only occur to something that is brought into existence hence created.

There are also many people who do embrace spirituality, but are being lead astray by wrongful practices that serve as an illusion to what is indeed the truth. There is only one book in this world that speaks complete truth and gives you the insight needed to get through this sort of battle. There is only one book that has NEVER been proven wrong in all the years of its existence, but rather ONLY been proven CORRECTLY which is the Holy Bible. The Jewish Faith and Christian Faith are the two primary faiths that stem from the Holy Bible. Everyone knows there are two testaments within this good book that explain the events throughout time. Unfortunately the Jewish Faith doesn’t acknowledge the New Testament as truth, which the testament goes on to tell of Jesus Christ being the Lord and Savior of this Earth. So this is the significant difference between the two different faiths. Now you may be asking yourself why go on this little tangent of a lesson in which most people know? Well the answer is simple, there is good vs. evil as you see on a daily basis within every society across the world and it is simply because there is a Heaven and a Hell. How can you look at a lot of today’s happenings and not know there is more than meets the eye. In order to fully explain and grasp the truth of what lies beyond our understanding you have to embrace both the Old and the New testament for it speaks upon what was and is yet to come. Please refrain from the evil that tries to slander the true word of God adding books, chapters, or words that are incorrect for it will only lead you to a miserable downfall.

Everyone has free will to make decisions and to choose which pathway they wish to take, but another important question to ask is why do most people seek and want the best for themselves… yet ignore the one who wants to serve them the best? Those who do not believe in spiritual life, what is it that completely separates the Human race from all the rest of the species? How can we be so much more advanced and different than the rest of the creatures that dwell on this Earth? I know the answers, but am curious to hear more responses because most reasons I have heard to this date only prove to be unexplained ideas that just further support my beliefs and the words of the Bible. There also lies the fact of the continuing trend of this writing “good vs. evil”, where does the influence stem from that effects choices of being moral or immoral? I don’t see how people can ignore blatant acts/decisions of evil behavior and conduct as well as good behavior and conduct without acknowledging they compete against each other on a day to day basis. If you are able to notice this then what is your answer for the question, who or what is fueling this ongoing battle in the minds of billions of people spanning country, race, religion, language, and age?

There are only two sides you can choose to fight for and it is either Heaven (the good) or Hell (the evil). The only book that explains this battle and shows you the current and future experiences we are to face is the Holy Bible… which is the word of God, who is the creator of the Heavens and the Earth, who sent his only begotten son Jesus Christ to this Earth to save us from death and Hell itself. Don’t let the evil consume you or trick you into false beliefs and practices because Satan is real and reveals himself if you pay close enough attention. This life is only temporary, you are knowledgeable enough to know that everyone dies… so I would like to encourage you to start planning for your eternal future now before it is too late. Just remember where there is a battle there is an army, which army are you going to align with and help your loved ones and friends be influenced by? What environment would you want yourself and others to live in, a graceful glorious peaceful world that provides every need or a land filled with incomplete false promises that requires you to be a slave? The answer should hopefully be a simple one. God Bless!

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