The Mission

[1st Verse]:
Hey there what’s that you’re askin
Oh my name, it’s Sir Pure nice to meet you today
You can call me Mr. Michigan
Cause I’m reppin the state of the mitten kid

Rhyme drones holdin microphones ill fated
Cloudin minds with chilled spines and heart inflation
Calibrated joint misfired missiles of valentines
The time has come where I need to spill shine

Coated in krylon candy painted chameleon
You and I know the essence of disguise
People wantin to rhyme about sex and lies
The video tape tainted with eyes a million

Cloaked in grass clippins of bullet missions
I’m here to represent somethin a little different
A man on a mission, I stay away from poker kids
Cause I’m not one who considers foldin, ya dig

I’ve seen conspiracy and ice water flowin through veins
Showin mercy to nobody but the elitist greedy fame
Holla if ya hear me, there’s people with problems great
But the change that is necessary isn’t through the power of state

[2nd Verse]:
Automatic weaponry a huge blast radius
Atomic bombs constructed, yeah nuclear atoms
A meteorologist worst nightmare it’s ridiculous
What we see in this world today, it’s hard to fathom

Records spinnin with illusions of evil, Satan is grinnin
He’s got you wishin for more and more distraction
What can it take to spin the cycle of proactive visions
Spiritual we once were even in the very beginnin

One day it rains, the other it snows
Before you know it life passes you by, look there it goes
Decision after decision what is responsibility
Can you break the trend of constant negativity

Self doubt has no room in my mindset
Just like there’s no room for more clothes in your closet
Materialism since when was that declared a Religion
It seems there are more followers in that sort of depiction

Reminiscent of a land that was once free
When I awoke again today that just wasn’t the case
Where is the happiness or is it all in a dream
Grabbin at straws, siftin through flaws, just boost your self esteem

[3rd Verse]:
Red ring of death, ounces of crystal meth
Backpackin yet again what sort of garbage is next
It seems everyday there is some new sort of plague
One that addicts and makes people insane

Automotive alright let me gear up a minute
Sadly I still sin, but I’ve been born again
I’ll never be perfect, cause that was left to Christ
Thankfully I was resurrected through his sacrifice

Death doesn’t scare me it never has
Like a diamond in the sand I show class
Where others may disrespect I make it happen
Show fire for desire not destructive tactics

Intergalactic there is an entire universe
So don’t get cursed with the thought of bein burned
It isn’t sex, but love that truly pleasures
You say you want to conquer than do what’s morally proper

It isn’t rocket science to show allegiance
There’s only one book that holds truth in it
I’m not into fiction, cause there’s no enrichment
The word of God is my text, the only best seller of all the nations
Feel free to take a look within

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