The One?

As I walk this road one stride at a time
I begin to wonder when I will have that woman at my side
To have and to hold for ever and ever
Until we both grow old and our lives are surrendered

Who is this lady that I see in my dreams?
Who is the girl that is meant for me?
What woman out there is my wife to be?
Will she even be found while I’m still in my twenties?

A solid young woman to help build me up
One that shines with me like a diamond in the sun
Being able to acquire that other special form of love
Forming that bond to set my mind flying free like a dove

When will this special lady come my way
So I can give her what is best in me
From the time we unite and beyond that special day
My wishes being to make her every moment something happy

This sense of wonder boggles my mind
It can get the best of me from time to time
I figured I would always be alone
Based on a legitimate feeling once followed up by a sign
Yet something still jitters my inner hopes
Of acquiring a genuine young lady to be mine

Wanting more than what seems can be given
Is something that I am content in living with
I just don’t know if this girl exists
But still at times I can see her after I close my eye lids

Will my expectations remain the same
Or will something happen to make change
I don’t know what is suppose to occur
In order to figure out this special someone’s name
The constant thought of it just brings forth a blur
That I can’t seem to contain

Letting God handle the timing is what is best
He has always been there for me making me feel blessed
I can’t ignore that in which he has in store
I just don’t know what the plan is for sure

I am excited to express the love that I have to give
It is my hopes that it will be used at some point
A special woman deserves all that is in my heart
I know that I will not disappoint
Because I will be the same at the end as I was in the start

Whether she has yet to be met
Or is someone that I already know
If she is out there then she is mine to get
I will just have to continue on down this road
Until I feel that touch of comfort on my hand
Walking along side me making the journey even more grand

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