The Stepping Stone

On that fateful day I reached out
Grabbed my diploma and looked to the sky
I then proceeded to close my eyes
Thinking of how this time has passed by
The reason for success was God without a doubt
I know there are plenty of things he needs me to do
What exactly, has yet to come through

Walking down the stage I looked up to my kin
Seeing their joy brought happiness within
Never worried about the future stress
I was caught in that moment, pure focus
Feeling the overwhelming essence of joy
Into the real world now for I am to deploy

Didn’t let it get me down
Because it is all in God’s hands now
As it has always been
Jesus I surrender it all to you, Amen

Placid standing there amongst thousands
Noise drowned out, just to reminisce what was behind my eyelids
Memories of great people and great times
Forever I’ll remember and let the experience shine
Slowly fading, excitement overtook
I came back to reality again for one last look
Surrounded by many individuals who to were uncertain
Yet still overjoyed at the thought of this very moment

That hurdle has came and went
Now I lie in wait for the next
What will this one represent
Hopefully something that helps earn Christ more respect

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