The Substance

All this talk about substance abuse
There is one element I like to have induced
A flow through my veins, body entwined
Something that lifts me to cloud nine

I don’t mind when my heart pumps this
I’ll inhale it on a daily basis
Inject it into my everyday routine
Have it elevate my mind beyond any machine

Addicted to it like it is cocaine
It is the only pill I care to take
The hallucinogen that takes away all the pain
Breathe in and breathe out till my body shakes

I can endorse this substance, something to enhance the spirit
Everyone should participate in it’s growth
It is something that needs to be spread
The substance that validates an oath

It is mentioned in the best selling book
Enables a clear sight line to where we need to look
The mystique of it is something that illuminates your head
It has been mentioned to have the ability to bring back the dead

Your body will feel better instead of worse
There is an uplifting constant pleasure
Not a harmful self caused curse
That is found in the effects of others

No disease threat or illness as a result
It is meant for all children as well, not just adults
What could this possibly be

This mysterious substance is legal and free
It is the faith and grace that comes through Christ spiritually
It washes the body clean and changes your entire personality
Brings forth the change needed inspired by all that is Holy
And allows for life after death within Heaven for Eternity

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