Time is Upon us

The time is upon us to make a change
Look at what I said back in “One Day”
The time has come, not tomorrow but today
There’s no more time to be afraid

We sit back wonderin why some things are
While sittin and thinkin drivin our cars
But really it never leaves that seat
Cause we’re too shy to make our ideas meet

Fascination of imagination can become reality
Get out of the fantasy, do away with conspiracy
All these people tryin to gain some form of power
Wastin efforts and countless numbers of hours

Many follow governments not known for much
Since they’ve put us under the wrong impressions
Promisin one thing just to deliver another
Makin hearts ache faster than any other

How can you make this better with cut backs
Takin away morality substitutin greed tax
Tryin to get us to rely on you so we’ll trust
Sorry but that plan will be a bust

It’s that time to stand up, we need to speak
Take the momentum of their mistakes
So we can once again become strong, not weak
Rebuild our country upon faith to improve the stakes

Actin like we have to focus on a certain party
When the fact is neither have a solution to improve society
The destruction over the past 21 years makes it tough
For there to be any agreement when times are rough

What exactly is there that we don’t know
The agenda of the people who hold the votes
Lingerin amongst us like a cruel scent
Their decisions drainin people’s energy, it’s spent

Oil profits way up in the mix, yet no criticism
They can do what they want, but we limit missions
More and more people today bad mouthin Christians
When the REAL ones just want to help situations

Judgin an entire group on a selected few is nothing new
But it’s somethin that everyone tends to now do
Extremists always seem to take center stage
Why must this be, cause they want people to be enraged

Some say they can’t stand hypocrites
When the fact of the matter is they are them
My new favorite insult is the word bigot
It’s what hypocrites like to use in an argument

Read the definition your just a mirror then
Callin someone somethin you are makes no sense
Just like us Christians, we too are sinners
So to use it as an insult disrespects the Savior

He paid the cost for everyone to repent
So that they too can be Heaven sent
It’s time to pray for the nation
If we don’t like somethin, I suggest we get to kneelin

The only way to change a stubborn human
Is through the power of the spirit
With more prayer comes power that’s legitimate
It’s time to stand up with correct progression

Don’t float away in the moment
Let’s go hard against the current
Cause we should do more than pledge allegiance
That One Day has come to welcome Jesus

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