Heart is heavy, mind is ready
Just a lack of opportunities
Sittin back lookin at the fold
Bodies crumblin bein sold

All for what, all for who
Evil lurkin not knowin what to do
A sense of control
The root of it all takes a toll

Lessons bein learned the hard way
Not through what they say
Rather through the endeavor of heartache
Gettin lost within a dreadful mistake

Classic misconception of self
Wantin to control your own wealth
Ignorin the gifts and talents within
Leavin them off in the distance

Clouded mind the illusions speak
It isn’t strength if you’re weak
Refusin any real help losin hope
Turnin to things like dope

Just can’t hide the pain
There is everything to gain
If they would just turn away
Maybe so would the bad days

Locked in the indecision
Deep in translation of their specimen
Lies a gap unfilled and unsatisfied
Questionin life doesn’t mean you should die

Abuse comes in all shapes and size
Overcomin it makes out to be a prize
The world is filled and is unique
However commonality is at a peak

Don’t remain alone in the task
Look around for a helping hand
People don’t always know best
Rest assured though you can pass the test
Use it for the better, so you can be blessed

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