1st Verse:

I’m a bachelor with a bachelor’s
Two years removed from MSU
No career currently to latch onto
Motivated still though till my life is through

Problematic doubt arose with illness
But I walked on with persistence
Doctors couldn’t diagnose what it is I had
So God had to cure me with his hands

Been creative and searchin for that next step
To turn the page and enhance my rep
Many positive responses just nothin concrete
Waitin for that day when fate and success just happen to meet

I’ve fallen a few times, but arose again
Hills and valleys summed up my transition
Still adventurin more toward the goal
That seems to be hidden in the mist of question

2nd Verse:

Stress antics of charade
Not knowin which relationships were worth the strain
Cut ties, lost minds, and a downsize
From what I experienced in hindsight

Scrappin together what’s left of my existence
To figure out the answer to my questions
I’ve strayed away at times from the light
With lack of focus and proper insight

Fallin back to reality cause of the pain
I prayed and surrendered to the glorious name
So he could again use me for the plan
That was in store for me when my life began

Still tryin to figure out exactly what that is
I find myself back in the student experience
Learnin and analyzin myself inside and out
So when the time comes to shine I have no doubts

3rd Verse:

I’ve never lost myself before
These last few years almost opened that door
Distracted often as if I were busy
Entrenched in self pity instead of truly bein me

I faced the blurred line durin this time
It isn’t one I thought I’d have to face
With these tests I’ve began to be defined
Humility and patience now elevated in my mind state

Lookin back the reflection wasn’t always what I expected
Changin the direction of thought was a must
Cause I was viewin myself as someone I disrespected
The loss of focus brought me back to trust

That spirit inside me to be resurrected
Since it is through Christ I shall be gifted
I have again arisen allowin him to glisten
Nothin but truth each day that I’m breathin

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