What is it that makes the mind tick
Dudes always thinking about chicks
Girls wanting to feel the sense of admiration
Results in a lot of unpleasant situations

It’s unfortunate though, that most times
The girls are the ones to suffer from it
And the guys get off most always just fine
Without any penalty, while 9 months just flies by
For them, while the poor girl deals with a pregnancy

It is just frustrating to see such things
Not knowing the details
But the cause of it was probably due to the males
The girls are stuck with a baby and no wedding

I have the utmost respect for those woman
Who listen to the true intuition
And don’t stoop so low as to an abortion
But admire the gift of life enough to go through with it

Shame on those men who walk out on them
Do they not know they are responsible to
This child is their gem
They needed to be there as the baby grew

I feel sorry for those women who deal with such
As if it isn’t enough to go through that process
They have to do it alone without much
Reason to continue on other than the sake of the baby

The other mishap that I feel needs correcting
Is this ordeal that these dudes feel is acceptable
By having a family and then turning away unexpectedly
Leaving the poor woman and children without a role model

Trying their hand with other ladies
Or pursuing the thoughts of just having fun
There is no reward when you run
Only cowards go away from their responsibilities

It is my hopes that women wise up
And don’t listen to those telling them to abort
For those that have the child, I wish them the best of luck
Because they deserve blessings for taking on the task
Of raising that child without a man’s support

Every time I see a such a Mother
I feel the urge to help come from my heart
Then I sit back and wonder
Where would I even start?

I admire single Mothers who face these hard times
Your children are blessed that you are strong for them
Hopefully success and triumph results down the line
So you and your children can endure through your lives just fine

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