People think they know me better than I do
Let me break a little news to you
I am me and you are you, let’s get that straight as these words pass through
You say one thing… that is fine, but my journey is mine not yours to fuel

You don’t know my future any better
You can’t predict my choices or path
Look at your own mistakes or life decisions
Because your headed for a brick wall and I’d rather not see you splatter

What works for you doesn’t have to work for me
I’d rather not share your mistakes that you seem to forget
Tryin to push me into wanting a relationship
It isn’t workin, but I feel the angst of your awful decisions

Maybe you need me to get one so you can learn
What it is that it takes to have a successful bond
Cause as far as I’m concerned I’m still not fond
Of all the antics and changes expected of me movin forward

If marriage is meant to be than it will happen
Don’t know if you’ve noticed the current definition
It seems to be a little too widespread
So I doubt I will find another that shares the true meaning of it

You don’t need my future kids or example if it even is to happen
Focus on your own life and your own struggles
Don’t talk to me like you know what it’s like to be an adult
What you get put into your head doesn’t mean that I follow that route

What you see as normal is just a figment of what’s real
Don’t settle into the conformity of just accepting what you “feel”
There is more out there than what meets the eye
Your life and mine, nothing hardly matches up so your opinions don’t fly

Bye bye, I’m livin my life… I don’t need to hear your contradictory lies

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