What’s the need?

So more often in this generation than any before we see the many freedoms of sexual nature rising through various avenues of media. Between the internet, music, movies, and magazines who has not yet been introduced to lust in a way that is crippling our nation’s state of mind? The answer is pretty much no one, you can hardly ever take part in a form of “entertainment” anymore without experiencing a form of sexual innuendo or connotation. Whether it is as blatant and demeaning as a form of pornography or a simplistic hidden meaning from a joke within a childrens movie, there seems to be no boundary for where this material can seep through. Why is it that there are still questions as to why there are more rapist’s, child molesters, STD’s, divorces, and murders? The answers to me seem more obvious than not. If you look into the number one reason why divorces are occurring to date it is because of an unfaithful spouse. How else would you explain the pattern of many spouses or even something less significant as a boyfriend or girlfriend to develop the patterns of cheating at such an alarming rate? Quite simply the more someone is exposed to something the better chance that they are to develop those same characteristics in their behavior/lifestyle.

When you think about ways of learning in education for example what is it that is done in order to comprehend and learn the material? Repetition is known to be the most effective way to instill a particular thought or idea into someone’s head. A perfect example is music, notice how they try to develop short repetitive catchy moments in songs to get it stuck in your head? People who are in college don’t just sit back and expect the materials they’ve learned over an entire semester to magically resurface come exam time, they take the initiative to prepare and study the materials at hand. Well when you engulf yourself in today’s entertainment would you not agree that you are more likely than not to subconsciously be introduced to sexual nature to the point where your mind begins to shift away from normalcy? It is practically impossible to try and conduct survey’s or experiments of the psychology or actions between someone who hasn’t been exposed to such content to someone who repeatedly does, because at some point or another everyone is getting exposed to this new fad of sexual freedom and adventure. It is hard for me to fathom why in the world there isn’t more of an upheaval to stopping some of these random acts of industry and patterns arising in various forms slowly destructing love and relationships as we know it.

Going through life over the course of the years it has dawned on me that the more people i’ve met the less opportunity there is to see that they have had successful relationships. I practically don’t know anyone my surrounding age who hasn’t ever been cheated on outright or atleast hasn’t even suspected their significant other of doing so. Does anyone else not find this to be sad? I mean how can one try and find “true” love if there is hardly anyone helping to reinforce it? It is almost as if sex has taken the forefront in the minds of people to be the number one most important thing when entering a relationship these days. What ever happened to sex being a gift meant for your loved one after making the commitment of marriage toward them? It is becoming more apparent that it is getting to be easier and easier to engage in sexual activities. There are misconceptions all around from people saying they “love” each other so they are getting in over their head quickly in wanting to jump into this temporary pleasure. Last time I checked something temporary doesn’t last too long, so if you base a relationship around something temporary how can that last? Love is meant to be everlasting something built on commitment, am I right? That is what my definition is atleast, love is being able to make sacrifices and showing someone that they are highly important to you more so than your own personal needs. When you think about pleasure it is more of a selfish and personal feeling than anything else. Some say that sexual encounters are meant for both sides, well I can believe that it is meant by each side to please the other if they are committed hence married where the commitment is absolutely proven. In every conversation i’ve had or overheard on the regular people just go out at random to find a partner to get a quick fix for themselves almost as if they were on drugs. I mean look at how many people now claim to have had one night stands, pretty pathetic.

With the introduction and mass acceptance of this pornography garbage you can’t help but notice the increase in people experiencing sexual acts with multiple partners. I mean is there no fear anymore of diseases or jealousy? I mentioned murder as one of the increased statistics that result from all of this free flowing sexual nature that has come upon us this particular century. Now with that in mind I am taking into consideration the unfortunate outcomes of a lot of rape victims. Not only do people respond in an over aggressive manner to jealousy of being cheated on, but with the constant imagery of rape/murder combined it seems to continue to increase the occurrences of this type of thing happening. The even more disgusting thing is that we all allow this form of behavior to continue to be conducted in a normalized fashion because of how they claim it to be an industry or entertainment. What in the world is wrong with people’s heads to not think that an absurd amount of exposure to something won’t then taint the mind of the individual viewing it? Is it not obvious that people usually view sexual content intentionally to get some sort of response out of themselves? Well what is to say that they then won’t want to emulate this behavior that they see in their own lives at some point?

I have seen interviews with some of these people involved in the pornography industry and the stupidest thing I probably have ever heard was one young woman mentioning “empowerment”. She had claimed that it seems to be empowering for women to be involved and active in that industry. Are you serious? How can being a slave to the fleshly pleasures, slave to the industry, and slave to the money in which she gets paid be a sense of empowerment? Isn’t a slave normally viewed as someone who does the majority of the work for someone else of more power? Many I have seen in interviews mention they just enjoy the activities in which they take part in. Well is it not then obvious there is an addiction element that comes into play, because I mean it is human nature to be pleasured hence enjoy sexual interaction. How else would there then be reproduction or a giving of oneself to another to show love? With that being said I don’t see everyone else exposing themselves in their most vulnerable state for billions to witness, why is there a need to show yourself in that particular moment and span of time? The easy answer is money, but would you not have then sold yourself off to be some sort of pawn to try and support this form of behavior? Seriously, could you not then do it in private on your own accord like a normal person? I would like to see how each of these women would act or converse with a rape victim whose attacker or attackers were porn addicts that wanted to simulate something he or they saw in a video that the particular “actress” speaking to this victim had taken a part in. What is it that would run through there head, would they even feel a little bit responsible? The only empowerment that I see is the continued contribution to a lot of what is wrong that is in this world.

Many people’s biggest gripe about such forms of industry is that the internet cannot be regulated because it is a globally contributed piece of technology. Well when the companies or people reside in certain countries do you not think they can be shut down or regulated? When that argument is presented their defense is the First Amendment in the case of the United States, well when I look at it the usual summary is freedom of speech or assembly. When in conversations with people who continually experience this form of “work” and from common sense you know there isn’t usually any type of speech going on. They do assemble together in private locations, but how is it viewed as speech or art? If there isn’t much of anything being said only acted upon and they are doing something that millions of others are doing privately how can that be called art? Cinematography, editing, and music I guess can be involved… but aren’t those then totally different areas of what is truly being portrayed?

Do you know that there is still slavery happening all over the world today? Commenting on the global aspects of the internet where most of this sexual freedom movement stems from, there are slaves being bought up and sold to be used in demeaning ways for the advancement of this industry. People are making a quick buck using under aged children a lot of times to be sold off to people with demented ideas of enjoyment. A lot of people think that this is just in underdeveloped countries, but guess what it also happens here in the United States. Look at how many predators have become more enabled because of the internet as well. Within music all you hear within the lyrics of most of these “popular” acts a.k.a the mainstream involve sex, drugs, and other various immoral behaviors. How does this get by, why is it that the radio waves and people feel the need to endorse these things? They blindly miss signs of obvious ill intent through the lyrics, symbolism, and actions of these people. The real question is why is this sort of thing even being allowed by the public? I think there is a common consensus that nobody supports rape, STD’s, or murder… so why do we allow these types of things to come into focus to influence us and our loved ones negatively on a consistent basis? There are more people who are consumers rather than creators of this nonsense, we have a voice that can shut it down. Why do we continue to make complaints and show the appropriate sympathy when the actions actually take place, instead of investing the time and energy toward preventing these materials that in turn encourage those forms of behavior?

I heard an alarming statistic when I had entered my University freshman year, 1 in 4 woman would be sexually assaulted over the course of their educational career in some form or fashion. The college I attended wasn’t a small one either, it was home to thousands of young women. Also, no I am not getting assault and harassed confused. I don’t know how women can comfortably enjoy their college experience when presented with that same statistic. These poor girls who are trying to advance themselves have to worry about some weirdos overstepping their boundaries on a daily basis and for what? Why is this becoming the norm for this statistic to even arise? The answers should be simple, because they are presented to us all the time on a daily basis. Why is there a need for sexual innuendos within animated films made for children? There is obviously an agenda being pursued to manipulate impressionable minds and a lot of people are uneducated about that fact or ignorant in saying media doesn’t have any sort of effect. The funny thing is a lot of the people who do defend kids and just say that kids are the only age group susceptible to these forms of messaging are largely effected themselves. There are plenty of people blind to the subconscious messaging that they soak in that then persuades them to do certain things or act in a certain way. Again, how is it that a lot of us humans are unable to see the signs or in turn not even able to fight things we seemingly should have control over? People who still think there aren’t “other” forces at work here, please explain to me how there are mysteries to the human mind that we can’t seem to get under wraps… but “others” are able to expose those loopholes through people.

What’s the need for the free feeling sexual movement, what purpose does it serve other than destruction in the lives of many? Why does it seem the most lucrative ways to make money are through immoral and sinful acts? How is it that people feel the need to turn to these things in order to get ahead? People continue to throw money at these terrible forms of expression fueling them to only become larger instead of standing up and fighting against these very things that are continuing to bring down the mind-frame of the society in which we live. Quite a sad reality that many need to face and open their eyes to, because it isn’t helping us to improve at all now is it? Whatever happened to positive encouragement, moral inspiration, and uplifting actions being made popular within mass public contexts? There is a choice to be made and I hope more people make the right choice in regards to what is surrounding us as well as how they can make an impact for improvement.

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