Called to destiny like a fading memory
Hard to see through the conspiracy
Concrete leveling, smooth stepping
Volcanic like explosion in the sensory
Heart is pumping, ever subtly
Building a wall to protect the strategy
That the mind is stuck on fulfilling

What can this be
Temperature is rising
Emotions getting pretty windy
A tide rising, to swamp positivity
Before we all can see
What it is that is truly holy

Cascaded lights shining distantly
Without focus on one’s notoriety
Shaded area growing constantly
Illuminated visions consistently

It’s kind of plain to me
The way this world is heading
Time is concluding very rapidly
The creation shall be rapturing
With wonder, wrath, and reality
A full circle of division completely

Every life is worth saving
Embrace the essence of spirituality
Boldness in times that are tough requires changing
God’s gift of his kingdom, accessed by accepting
Christ having died for life everlasting

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