Why I Write

The question has been risen
Of why I tend to do what I do
Whether or not it is effective is up to you
I just tend to give a different perspective
Then what you are use to being given

I write for the thought of being different
Not conforming to the pressure of the public
I write for the desire to inspire with intelligence
Showing resistance to the common way of expression
I write for the hope that something will click
With others in order for them to do something positive
I write for the passion that is exemplified in what I have to say
To persuade a message throughout the web and airwaves

Some wonder who this kid is
Trying to formulate a plan to effect
What lies behind their eye lids
In an effort to be the one to connect
The facets of their imaginations
Bringing forth reason and intellect

As I once said in the past
I’d rather have the correct dialect
Over a million dollar check
Because that will eternally last
Where as money will eventually disappear
In the event that your life does what you fear

I write for the right to continue the trend
Of being someone to defend the belief system of us Christians
I write for the wishes of that dying man
That emerges within me time and time again
I write for the sake of being able to express
What I feel inside to help clean up this mess
I write for the dream of being capable of
Spreading the word of God showing his true love

Some tend to think it is a waste
To spend time writing what is on your mind
When in fact it is a great way
To produce the exact feeling you have inside
Even if it doesn’t live up to everyone else’s taste
There isn’t anything that they can take away

Listening to the negativity of the critics
Is a good way to develop your skills
Because without those constant conflicts
There wouldn’t be any motivation to continue the thrills

I write for the weak at heart
Who have a hard time wondering where to start
I write for the element of surprise
To help formulate a new dimension to destroy any lies
I write for the thought of being curious
Because it will help me interact with those that are delirious
I write for the definition of why
Because life is something I will never figure out before I die

So why take the time to do so?
Why even try to communicate?
Why attempt to make it known?
Why risk being the one the haters castrate?

I am not afraid of being crucified
No one on this earth can bring me fear
I welcome all who want to criticize
It will only draw me nearer
To the goal I set forth for next year

I don’t do it for fame
I don’t do it for glamour
I don’t do it so you know my name
I don’t do it to say that I contain the power
I don’t do it to bring anyone shame
I don’t do it to make you sour

I do it for him
I do it for them
I do it for me
I do it for my family

There are many reasons I do what I do
There are too many things to name in this time
There is so much left within you
There is quite enough that I have inside my mind

I write for a given purpose
To try and show that God’s love really is worth it
I write for the thought of peace
That will hopefully someday reign in the streets
I write for the element of freedom
That we have all came to experience and enjoy
I write for the determination to deploy
The fact that Jesus was God’s son

No need to hate something you can’t tolerate
Being open is half the battle of being humble
The thought of coexisting is in my mind right
Because we are all equally loveable in God’s sight

So if there is still question as to why I write
Let it be known so I can take flight
And organize a new way to explain
The reasoning behind my mind frame

There is much to be said
Much to be heard
And much to be read
For answers look further into God’s word

B-I-B-L-E that’s the book for me
I stand alone on the word of God
The B-I-B-L-E
Much love, thanks for reading

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