Why Money

A form of currency running the lives of many
Much needed to live yet it is not everything
Dead presidents honored and remembered
People slaving to the greenbacks from January to December
Year around the stories remain the same
Everybody wants to acquire a few more grand to their name

The bank statements and credit card debt grows
All due to the different forms of need or greed we’ve begun to know
Learning new ways to counteract bills
Many people now using their money on irresponsible thrills
While others are in the streets knowing just how much money can kill

Forms of violence and many things obscene
Have come to the surface all to make a little more money
Sweat shops, alcohol, drugs, and sex slave trafficking
All horrendous activities becoming an everyday occurrence behind the scenes

Jewelry, TV, satellite radio, MP3’s, and all sorts of technologies
Driving the price high brainwashing people into thinking they are necessities
Economics now becoming a form of bubonic plague
Overshadowing the proper judgement of people at any given age

What does money have to do with it
Money hasn’t created the right to live
Selfishness has grown like a whale in the sea
Becoming ever large in this diminishing economy

The sky is blue and the grass is still green
Yet numerous things have changed in the minds of many
Help has almost become extinct with no effort to share
All because the saying keeps playing like a broken record “Life is not fair”
Tenderhearted and compassionate traits have been lost in the ink
The printing presses that make the dollars have reshaped the way we think

The downward spiral we continue to see
Has yet to be solved because as less money goes out
The prices go up without a question and no hesitancy
All because someone somewhere wants to be greedy and stingy
Left without any recollection of doubt

Slavery remains to this day
It is quite a shame it still remains
Some still person to person, but the majority
Is now in the form of person to money

But why must it be this way…

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