Winter Heart

1st Verse:

Cold-hearted everyone seems in this blur
When will we all take the time to remember
We’re sharin this seasonal lifetime together
All year long January to December

Livin our lives only as we can
Tryin to be efficient in all our plans
Hesitant to go forward, movement in a freeze
With all this hatred spreadin to varyin degrees

A consistent struggle livin life in sorrow
Will the sun break the clouds and shine through tomorrow
Can attitudes change, Can love somehow grow

So many questions continue to arise
We need to monitor, what lies behind our eyes
By takin a moment to evaluate our own minds
It may help to elevate the love in these rough times
So that we can endure the cold and lose the chill runnin down our spines

2nd Verse:

I feel as if I’m already buried
7 feet deep in what feels to be an empty surrounding
Emotions felt with thoughts expressed so icy
Hardly anyone actin too nicely

When will the effort take place
To have all this bitterness taken away
Chilled reality causin a blank look on our face
Not knowin what will come next at this putrid pace

Loss of hope and purpose formulate this blizzard
Are we all ready for the task to endure
Will we give up the fight to let love be heard
Or can we actually begin to use kind words

An ill fate is headed our way
If we continue to allow this growth of hate
The downfall of love, peace, and prosperity will continue to occur day after day

3rd Verse:

Off in the distance that heartbeat still goes
And the pressures of this world continue to flow
But do not surrender to all things you don’t know
For with the pulse lies all what’s left of the hope

Enough of the darkness and the dreary
The environment needs to alter clearly
So we can find the pathway to avoid the frost
Before that heartbeat in the distance becomes lost

The adventure at hand is quite a task
Yet, not something beyond our grasp
With love and kindness spread afar
Anyone of us can reach the stars

Beyond our own pride, we simply cannot hide
We need to be unveiled and let love be revived
Share amongst the diverse crowd of citizens
So the pulse of God’s word can grow ever loud again
Just as it had way back in the beginnin


It’s time for us all to grab ahold of the light
Embrace it, Once we proclaim God is love
Everything will be alright

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