Wishes of a Dying Man

If I were to die tomorrow would I be happy with what I left behind?
Not knowing when my time will come I just ask myself why?
Why a lot of times people do this or that?
Why can’t we all just get a long, who cares about the past
Color coordinated yeah that’s cool, but there is no need to be a racist fool

Every time I lay awake at night I wonder
Is this as good as the world will get
Or will something occur to help fix our blunders
I don’t want to see this all continue to threat
The lives of my family and friends
What about the ones who aren’t even spoken for yet?

For my future children I simply want the best
I somewhat feel responsible for what is happening now
Because I have been alive and have yet to make that difference
That will ensure their future the days after I say my vows

It is a wish that if I could, I would feed
Every single last one of the hungry
It is a wish that if I could, I would destroy
All of the pornography that has been deployed
It is a wish that if I could, I would feel
The pain for the weak that can’t simply heal
It is a wish that if I could, I would make
All those feel special who think they are a mistake
It is a wish that if I could, I would portray
A simple smile on your face to help make everything ok
It is a wish that if I could, I would give
Life to those whose mothers didn’t see fit to let them live
It is a wish that if I could, I would sacrifice
My life if it meant that everyone else could have an eternity with Christ

I wish I could tell every single person that I’ve ever met
That I now love them like family
Since that is what we all should be
Instead of treating each other like a misfit
We should be eager to give respect and compliments
That will carry on with them even after their life has went

So many deaths that make no sense
Shots fired, simply because of recklessness
In many schools kids are becoming fools
Because the teachers are there just to make a dollar
Instead of turning our future into bright scholars
Prostitutes working almost every corner
Of the big city streets, to try and please
Those individuals who are feeling a little lonely
Makes me sick to think that people will sell themselves

What about the easy access to drugs
People allowing themselves to develop such habits
Where is the love, feel free to give them a hug
Don’t just make them feel shunned

It is one of my wishes that people will reach out
And help the person who is down
Instead of sit there and stare or walk by
When soon after, they continue to wonder why
In the sense of regret they didn’t help

Now I’m not perfect either, everyone needs to change
It is one of my wishes that I will make an impact
On the lives of those who listen and comprehend
All of the little messages that I embed
In my writings and words that I speak
So that one day they are able to strengthen the weak
That they pass by and meet instead of think
About insufficient activities that will later cause them to sink
The six feet that nobody wants to meet

It is a wish that if I could, I would spare
A few dollars just for people to care
It is a wish that if I could, I would inspire
Everyone to fulfill their hearts true desires
It is a wish that if I could, I would free
All of the negativity and guilt away from those who flee
It is a wish that if I could, I would advise
Every single last one of the runaway Dads to stay with their wives
It is a wish that if I could, I would treat
All of those who can’t stand on their own two feet
It is a wish that if I could, I would shine
A light through all of the darkness in this world’s spine
It is a wish that if I could, I would reveal
The truth to all of those who don’t think God is real

Uncertain of what lies ahead with the next day
Many people feel the need to indulge in sins
That make them feel pleasured in some sort of way
Instead of taking the opportunity to aid
Others who are struggling within

It is a wish of mine that slavery will no longer exist
Because everyone deserves a shot at their own true happiness
I also hope that only positives will reign over us
While the negatives drown out into an abyss
Because there are many destructible activities that need to be dismissed

I hope soon that people will become more important than materials
That human life will be appreciated again, rather than frowned upon
Because it is getting almost too unreal
With how we perceive all these different things that are believed

It is a wish of mine that the bible will be a guide
To all of those who are seeking something to find
So many people feel lost and look for love
When there is a simple solution that doesn’t seem to be approved of
God is the answer, God is love
It is my wish that you all can figure that out in time

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