Throughout the world there are varying ways in which women are treated amongst different cultures. There is a discrepancy in how this all takes place considering each nation seems to have their own views. The beauty and gift that is a woman should be cherished in my opinion no matter what. They play the biggest role on this planet in providing new human life. Within the United States where it seems to be woman are the most free to act as they please, there seems to be a dilemma. With all of this freedom that has been presented there has been a rift that in my opinion has backfired the views of women. There was equality in almost every facet of life it seemed up until the late 90’s and now new millennium. Instead of equal human beings getting treated in much the same way as a man, there is now a huge focus on reverting back to the old ways in viewing and treating them as objects rather than people. With all of the outlets for a woman to use her body in order to succeed being more lucrative than ever, it appears the trap that are these opportunities have succeeded in catching them. The extent at which modeling has grown and with the change in culture the other industries that have sprouted up because of it, there isn’t much respect being shown towards women in everyday living as well as the media. It appears now more than ever there are various different elements of mistreatment.

With the facts of what women are at the core remaining the same, why is there such a different view upon how they are treated? Is it because more of them are trying to exploit themselves for an easier route to financial gain or rather the choices of men to begin some sort of movement for power? There can be a great debate in which this is the case. There are so many times in which men try to play the role of a loving individual toward a woman just to get her trust and satisfy his own physical needs, then stroll on out when responsibilities get introduced. There are so many single mothers now a days because of the lack of smart choices the men who they’re with make. Now many people would point the fingers at the woman for making the mistake of getting with such a person, but they have no way of predicting the outcomes of life circumstances for that person they chose. Besides the term single mother means they stuck around to take care of that child when the man of the house who was meant to help her along had left. There are so many strong women that just aren’t acknowledged or shown appreciation. Each woman is special no matter what some others may say or think. After all without women how can a man become whole? Men need women as much as women need men, simple as that.

There isn’t a day that passes where you don’t hear about sexual assault or harassment anymore really. There are various topics and ideas that are presented for this being the case. I am not going to go into all of them, because they are pretty much common knowledge. However, the rate at which these are happening is quite alarming. There needs to be more awareness given to these sorts of activities, because it is appearing that these forms of expression are accepted… hence the reason they are continuing to happen way too often. What you surround yourself with has an effect on the way you act and treat other people. When you wake up and walk around how is it that you expect to be treated by whoever it may be you interact with? Whatever the answer may be, you then should strive to treat that person the same way. Everyone wants to be accepted, respected, happy, and loved. There cannot begin to be any form of positive nature or environment unless it is first present, negativity will never create a comfortable environment it will only lead to more problems. Women deserve to be built up and treated extremely well considering their bodies help build every human that enters this world, which in most cases is at least nine months time.

What is it that people think they will gain for treating the opposite sex let alone another human in general in an inappropriate and negative manner? There isn’t anything to gain when that takes place because the only opportunity for growth that is then there is the growth of problematic constant conflict. People need to learn that the simplistic saying of “treat others how you want to be treated” actually works and should be applied at all times. Why is it that in a lot of cases some people treat strangers better than their own friends and family? How is it that someone can be friendly every time they come across a certain person, but never show any compassion or love to a family member? Yes, with there being more time spent with particular people there are chances for more obstacles to develop. However, what is keeping people from overcoming those obstacles for the ones that they hold most dear? It is commonly known that the more time you spend with someone the more vulnerable you can be due to the amount of information they know about you. Well nothing is going to be able to change that and some people will be tempted to use it in a negative fashion, but that shouldn’t deter you from doing what is right. After all you should then have the same information about them, instead of using it in the same form they did to hurt you… use it to solve the problem at hand. If you choose to use it in the same way, then generally does it not then lead to further negative exposure for both parties involved? The negativity present in most of these close knit cases seems to be with a husband and wife due to the increase in divorce rates over the years. The mindset of aiding and helping others seems to have been lost by a great majority. If only more people could realize they are as much the same as the person on the other side of the situation, it could only be of benefit.

Communication is a key asset in how this world functions and presents a lot of new information. The question that begs to be asked is why then do so many people have a hard time communicating with others about the most simplistic things? If there was more communication, there then could be more spread of truly important factors of life. These days in the United States you see the government just expecting people to accept what it is they propose without communicating all of the details and possible ramifications. There are several areas where people have intellectual ideas, but just don’t feel the need to communicate them on a wider scale to hopefully see actual change for whatever reason. With all of the technology and devices that are being created these days to encourage a change, there are hardly any people that are truly taking full advantage of these. As mentioned, there is a huge discrepancy in how women are being treated and viewed more often now than in recent years. Why are their organizations being shut out from the mass public to help end this form of behavior and treatment? Why is there this lock put on positive movements by these gatekeepers that are controlling the dispersal of national media? There are back channels for a reason and more people need to use them, but most importantly we cannot lose sight of the way that things use to be. The best form of communication and expression is still person to person. The best way to get ahead in life and succeed is by being a positive influence to not only yourself, but also those around you. When you build a campfire in a forest of darkness you can see it shine upon everything surrounding it. If we all served as a campfire to shine light upon this forest of darkness that is consuming many areas of our society, not only could we then diminish the darkness… but we could also burn down the trees that serve as barriers for the right changes to happen. There needs to be a clear pathway opened up for the proper communications to take place and opportunities to be seen. There is just too much that is hiding away good ideas from ever truly coming into focus or being heard, which is proving to be unfortunate.

There shouldn’t be the thought of who is better between a man and a women or any person for that matter. Everyone has their own unique skill set and build. Where some have strengths others have weaknesses, we are made like that for a reason. We are suppose to be able to depend upon the opposite sex as well as other people that surround us to maintain and pursue a greater good. Why only have one or few people succeed when everyone has the ability to? Why should there be a limit on who it is that can experience success? We need each other as much as we need ourselves, but we all need Jesus more than anything. He is the source for the answers to your questions and the guide for the proper avenues of inspiration to make change. We all have desire within us, it is time to figure out the purpose of that desire and put it into effect. In order to unlock it just accept the gift of true insight which is Salvation if you haven’t already and if you have than remain faithful to the path that Christ lays down for you. Men and Women are different in so many ways, but are equal in how much they should be loved by one another.

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