Yearly Outlook

When the new year ball drops
What is it you look forward to the most
That newest memory to take the top spot
Or perhaps a holiday feeling you wish wouldn’t stop

Years come and go with plenty of events
Some good and some bad
Experiences you always were glad that you had
While others you will want to forget

Remembering year after year
All those things that you hold most dear
Freedom of editing the past that you’ve come across
Once it is all said and done, still hoping for no more loss

Will you be ready to make those new memories
And face the variety of happenings
That may test your sanity
In ways you never thought could possibly be

Wondering what it is that will come this year
Tends to bring the sense of fear
But the seconds that tick away
Bring you closer to that day
When you will face these things
That define what it is your life means

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