Youth to Adulthood

Seeking pleasure and truth
Tends to be the goal of the youth
Yet they turn to the wrong places
As tends to be the fact in most cases

It is sad to see someone good go bad
You remember the times they were innocent
And all the great memories the two of you had
Just to find out now they are struggling
Allowing themselves to take a turn for the worse
No longer using any form of common sense

Drugs were introduced
Crime became the norm
Alcohol induced
Illusions causing a storm

Sexcapades resulting in a disease
That doesn’t make their future partners pleased
Being they have to deal with regret
Of making that one mistake way back when

So many traps filling the gaps
That are presented on their path
Because they can’t seem to last
Without making that bad judgement call

The world tells them to pursue
Anything they wish they want to do
Which results in the destruction
Of these poor kids, who have greater aspirations
Than becoming involved with the sins
That many others have presented before them
Now adulthood presents them with endless problems
Because of the constant negative messages being driven
Into their heads instead of the words given from God in Heaven

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