Seven continents all connected by one planet
We are much the same despite being different
Don’t let the cultures turn you away
Love can transcend any barrier in the way

We’re all human each and every day
No sense in something minimal preventing a delay
In the event of a uniting friendship
That can disband hatred and cause evil to slip

With each second one comes closer to death
How is it that we want to be remembered after our last breath
Will we feel we left the Earth leaving a positive impact
Or continue in fear that we’ll be forgotten (poof), just like that

We allow hearsay to control the way we perceive
Instead of personal experiences such as a face to face meet
Is it all propaganda that we have an element of hate
With media raining down stereotypes to prevent there being any clean slate

Sometimes it’s hard to imagine that the world can be great
However the fact of the matter is we can still learn from our mistakes
There is still time to unite and overcome the misconceptions
Our life here is meant to be together in the form of connections

Just because we are separated by seas
Doesn’t make for an excuse to be enemies
Contrary to popular belief we are one creation, one species

We are an army of one, for one, until our life is done
Living under the same sky, absorbing the same sun
Some take longer than others to learn and understand
Yet the fact still remains we come from the same place, which is God’s hands

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