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What a shame that in this day
I turn to the news to yet another tragedy
Violence arisen with little suspicion
Leaves the family members questionin
What it is that had actually happened

Why did they lose their loved one
What is it exactly that they had done
Nobody deserves that surprise
The one where life is drained from the eyes
And the only thing living is the memories left behind

Streets filled with murder and drugs
Trying to negotiate terms with guns
This isn’t how it was suppose to be
Livin life for the mystery of money

Tears flooding the faces of the innocent
Because someone they loved fell victim
To the rise of evil lurking in the distance
No longer any comfort with the lack of restrictions
That these actions have on each and every citizen

Where does it stop, when can we breathe
How do these crimes quench the thirst of greed
Discrepancy in each and every top story
Always a negative that results from a selfish prerogative

Where has the essence of common sense gone
Is taking a life really the only solution
There is enough suffering for ones liking
So why not end it with a new form of understanding

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